Brits have full right to destroy UK economy 

Recently I read from some article that 25% of Brits demanding migrant workers to go home? Sure, based on my experience they do not even tolerate foreign specialists as they still think they rule the world. And of course they assume that they are most intelligent, competent and hard working nation in the world. People from Newcastle even tried to explain me how they have always to help other nations and how Brits once created India.
India had most advance culture thousands of years ago while in Europe clans of vandals just had their wars with rapes and robberies. Jesus was to India to learn from them and started to preach civilization being crucified for that.
Taking no  interest to local culture, Brits slaved Indians to serve their tea. Sure, normal and intelligent nations are happy when they have a job to do and doesn’t complain.

And now they want Polish and Rumanians out from their country?  Why then those politicians had invited them at first place. Lot of them had opened their businesses there which are much better managed that any Brit could do. I assume the only reason is that British nation is just envious. As I have once told from CV recruiter: “British businesses doesn’t tolerate people who take responsibilities”. I wonder how businesses can exists without any responsibilities.

Like many others, I have been victim of their scam as well. Their politicians promised jobs to Eastern Europeans and I went there. I was expecting first to do a minimum salary job and when established, I could get better salary job where my experiences and skills could be more useful. But to my surprise, there wasn’t any work at all. Even Economist wrote that behind low unemployment figures is low productivity. So people seems to have jobs but they don’t do any work there. Mismanagement, incompetence and lies are widely spread.

Once I saw an add in front of agency for a job so I went in to ask for it. But when they checked their computer, there wasn’t any such kind of job. So they explained that sometimes they just advertise a job to get their databases updated. And advertising something that they don’t have is common practise there. Especially Brits like to add skills they are absolutely lack off or claim things they never have done. I never had met any Brit to be part developing first search engines. How they suddenly become specialists. And for example one guy who had just discovered Internet tried to explain how he was part building it using information I had told him.

That I learned quickly that never send your CV to anyone there. You will either get humiliated by some arrogant human resource consultant or receive huge amount of SPAM emails asking your money upfront to forward your CV to some employer they are not allowed to discuss even. Somehow UK has not yet implemented EU rules that anyone should have rights to unsubscribe their mailing list so after more than six years of leaving their country, I’m still getting their SPAM.

The funniest thing is their managers. From my Soviet Union background nobody get’s to be manager if not being worker first. And company directors where persons whose experience and skills firm collective has approved. But in UK, anyone who wears expensive suit and talks bullshit will be appointed to be director or manager. Sure, business manager or company director should have some knowledge about the subject their business tries to solve?

And when you try to reason with those idiots, they just starting to accuse you on anything that comes to their mind and finally promise to call Police. The term “excellent problem solving skills” means in UK that when there is a problem, he/she will call either Police, Ambulance or Firemen.

And then there are those SCAM jobs advertised widely. One Nigerian girl with Ph.D was even victim of it. Basically you have to sell some crap and will get paid only when you reach their impossible sales targets. And somehow young people, especially from foreign countries are victims of such kind of scam. And when such kind of scam letter comes from Nigeria, people doesn’t take it seriously anymore but somehow Brits are able to use same tactic without being punished.

European Union courts should take Brits problem more seriously and if necessary we should throw out UK from the Union. They do not belong to European culture room. We have enough of those drunken gangs half-naked yelling and singing “Brits are Coming” or totally drunken British ladies sleeping in trash. And then they always complain how service was bad or how they where robbed.

When Estonia got independence we had signs on bars and restaurants door: “Please, No Brits”. But somehow they paid off Estonian corrupted government and purchased our pubs. Now we have to nationalise those bars and pubs again to get them out. And please be aware. Don’t ever go to UK to offer to do work or your services. You will be humiliated and scammed there.


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