Open letter to those International trade organizations criticizing Estonians.

Recently US, British, Norwegian, Austrian, Swedish, German and Finnish trade organizations issued an open warning letter to Estonian government, stating that they are concerned in spreading hatred after the time when the Estonian government should deal with Africa attracting talent sectors suffering from labor shortages?
What kind of absurd. First of all there is no jobs in Estonia (or in Europe general). I would have been more than happy to stay in Estonia if there would have been a job for me. But getting insulted by some CV bastards calling me “overqualified” was enough for me. And finally some corrupted female judge there ruled, that I have even no rights to pay those huge taxes from my professional activities there. So, obviously those organizations are benefitting from human trafficking bringing apes from Africa to Estonia. Nearly half of working population have been forced to leave the country! So, the government first priority should be to get those people back rather than domesticate Negros and Moslems.
And secondly, what kind of specialists they are talking about. That guy, who bankrupted Estonian Air and was taking 150,000 monthly salary with benefits himself. Or bigger swindler who mismanaged Estonian Energy investments to Utah and Jordan leaving 10 million Euro compensation, while our citizens money is now used to write those investments off.
And who are those to criticize my country! Let’s start from Sweden, Finland and Norway.  Take example of mass murderer Mr. Breivik in Norway. Sure, he hated those children and no Estonian would have ever considered such kind of actions. And let’s take Sweden and Finland where Muslims openly raped underage girls and later burned them. And in Malmo, where burning cars are common in refugees district.
Sure, Estonians are afraid to have such kind of future for themselves. As those organizations threatened to take investments away, I would personally delighted on such kind of development. Estonians were most innovative to build their telecoms and banking system. And when those went to Swedish ownership, robbery of Estonians and capital export started. Those banks haven’t yet invested a penny to develop Estonian entrepreneurship. And biggest scammers with SMS loans jumped in. Even you pay them their high interest rates, they still are trying to find ways to get your homes and contractual penalties from you. I would have not called those businesses based on mentioned capital to be honest and needed for Estonians. They are just scammers and their rights to operate in Estonia must be revoked. So happy to see them leaving now voluntarily.
Then let’s talk about UK and US. As I have three years of experiences on those countries, I would be more than happy to ask them leave from my country. Let’s free that Kentmanni 20 in Tallinn where they are now based and establish Youth Innovation Center back there, where my first business and career started after collapse of Soviet Union. Those nations are just arrogant idiots, who hate profesionalism. So, obviously they should leave. At least after our independence we had signs in pubs: “Please, no Brits here”. But then Brits came to buy those pubs. Like our banks and telecoms, we should nationalize those pubs again to have Estonian management. As Brits are incompetent managers.
Secondly they issues a list of actions Estonian government should follow. By Estonian constitution, supreme power in Estonia is for Estonian Citizens and not International capitalists. If the government starts to follow those actions, Estonian nation should prosecute such kind of government from betrayal.
And please take that CIA agent, who have nominated himself Estonian president with you. Estonians have right to vote their president! I never understood, why once some US consultants made such kind of constitution to us that people can’t vote their president? This should have been the democracy America once stand for me. Now this guy haven’t done anything else, than declaring in his every speech how he hates Estonian nation and using taxpayer money to manage his Manor. Even his Estonian wife divorced him, so go to some hula-lulu girls and leave our country alone.

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