British IT business managers are incompetent arrogant idiots

Previously, I had trusted and admired Brits. During Soviet Time we admired their culture, especially their music and we translated their literature like Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy” to local language, which was our programmers bible. So, I had previously believed and trusted them and some of them had even called me a friend. Now my life has shown that their friendship isn’t much more than making lies to humiliate me, when I just try to help them out with my professional skills. I wonder, does that make them feel better or are they just mentally ill acting this way.
Starting from Pauli Visuri, who had Finnish background but being living in UK too long totally lost his professionalism there. Guy buys the product which in my estimation had high market potential and pays $25K for the rights. Then he tries to launch a website to sell it. And somehow setting up a five page website takes him nine months. Because he want’s to play a project manager and use the skills he had learned being on various posts in UK, rather than hiring a professional who could have done it within a week. And then it comes to SEO where I had offered my assistance. But by his mind probably, the SEO job is something to insert metatags and then press the publish button for Google? But as guy developed his website in public and didn’t noticed to deny crawlers, obviously Google had indexed his site long before he wanted to publish it. But somehow he started to accuse me, that I have published the site without his approval?
Anyway, I had developed a marketing plan where to acquire links, how to get reviews, etc. He rejected it and didn’t even considered my offer to execute this plan on commission basis to save at least the programmers work.
When I submitted his product trial version to free download sites, he suddenly was in surprise that imagine, the teams running those sites are actually performing tests and evaluating his product before publishing the link to their site and he called them Rumanians. Obviously any decent site test the submissions to avoid viruses to be distributed at least thru them and they are not all Rumanians.
You, Pauli Visuri had lived too long in UK where SCAM and SPAM seems to be leading the IT business culture nowadays.
And now, this this guy is going there going around and charging over thousand pound per day consultancy fees while I was always rejected in UK to produce decent results more effectively; and would have accepted a minimum or little bit higher salary to help your Country’s economy! Because of this incompetence, Pauli Visuri has destroyed a viable business and someday have to answer for causing European economy to collapse.
And to insult me finally, he just goes to my home country – Estonia, trying to organise the reunion of my ex-business employees and partners there!

And now I had exactly same kind of experience with Justin Speake, who also have claimed to be my friend. There was a simple task to integrate make his xHTML website template dynamic using data from databases and later write an iOS app with pedometer algorithm to be integrated with it. Obviously three-tier architecture with API modules answering to HTTP requests, sent from a website and mobile app is the obvious solution. And because database was specified to be MySQL, the native way to write API modules for MySql is to use php language.
So I started to do it, created the database structure, wrote php modules that will manage the HTTP queries and data and returning JSON; used jQuery in the website to make the data appear dynamically there, etc. To my surprise, I was stopped doing this by his IT guy claiming that I’m not doing things right without any explanation what I do wrong. This guys name was Miles Wolstenholme. And then the MacBook screen went broke. It had been five years old computer and having heavy life in my back-bag made things worse. Apple next models would have had titanium cover and screen is protected by glass, but being without a computer a long time, I just was in the position to accept anything and this was a model sent to me.
Obviously I counted that from my next agreed salary I could fix it but Justin refused to pay me anymore for my work until I have reached agreement with Miles. OK. Miles would have expected that: authorisation variables must be sent over the HTTP headers (very odd request as I haven’t seen it much on APIs) and API modules should return proper HTTP error codes. Things, that doesn’t take me much to write and I would have written in error handling in some stage anyway, but now I was again computerless (and still homeless) person.
After several months I got finally the computer screen fixed to another used screen, because buying a new screen to old computer didn’t sound a right investment for me. Afterwards, I contacted Justin again so maybe now I could finish the website and was eager to test some unique pedometer algorithms. So I spent my time no hurry to write error messages and codes, but I wasn’t able to send any variables over the headers in my hosting. My hosting account was from Russian managed business in UK who have over thirty years providing free hosting, so obviously anything that can be abused has been restricted there. Otherwise it would have had me few lines of code to write so I would have finished it when they have moved all the modules to their own hosting where their odd request should have been allowed.
I was offering to do the site SEO meanwhile and to my surprise, this offer was rejected by Justin again without any explanation. Miles had insisted also that all the php modules must reside on API directory instead of website directory, which made me very difficult to find solution to such kind of processes, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc logins and image uploads.
In June Justin requested demo and I was starting to wait the demo as I had several questions as well. As in August all the libraries in Barcelona are closed, I went to Paris again to be available for the demo and get my questions finally answered. Meanwhile I had finally managed to get Miles agreed that having third party logins in API directory doesn’t work out, so I changed the code back how it was originally written.
When I asked Justin that obviously you have no hurry to get website online, so maybe I use my time better to start to write that algorithm down. I explained why it’s better than currently used algorithms and maybe if patented, he could try to sell it for NIKE for example. I got the most stupid answer any business manager could answer to motivated employee: “You are not allowed to do such kind of things when working for me”.
OK, being back in Barcelona, I sent all the modules to Miles and helped him to configure the site to his hosting. And then the MacBook screen went black again. And when Justin finally asked demo, claiming that previously I wasn’t ready for the demo to him yet! I wasn’t done anything much to site since June so how can it be that suddenly it’s ready now in September? Anyway, I explained my situation and recommended that as Miles have already installed the modules to his server, maybe you could sit together and take a look to it; maybe can now answers to my questions and when I get again money from him, I could fix the screen again. But Justin answer was absolute absurd: “Ultimately you have created random modules of code rather than a structured system”. Only totally incompetent IT person can call Javascript functions and API modules, which handle the database and HTTP requests to be “random pieces of code”. And imagine, this guy had run a IT industry analytics company over a ten years. No wonder, the full economy is in crisis, when all the competence has now forced for hitchhiking around and begging on the streets to run from incompetent British managers from their actions.
The biggest lie I got spitted to my face was, that I haven’t ever provided a “high level process diagram requested”. Because of this diagram, I have had to wait to get my hands again to the computer having OpenOffice installed several months. Otherwise, I could have done some php and xHTML coding using library computers. Here is that diagram again: diagram2
I wonder why always Brits must spit out lies when they have difficulties to understand something? Probably because they are sure they are protected by their corrupted courts, so I have to make my case to European Union Human Rights court. Maybe they will throw out this full Britain from European Union then?

But biggest British bastards live in Newcastle. Somehow guys think that putting expensive suits on will give them rights to play investors and business managers. It becomes to my first ideas in UK how I could make some money there with animated clips to mobiles. During this era, mobile operators portals where interested on any content they could sell to their customers. And SVG technology looked promising open technology to kill Adobe monopoly for animations.
So, when I had my dialogs and artwork ready some guys from Newcastle promised to finance animations which I then did by giving me a Dell Notebook and 500 pounds of cash. But after several years market had changed, so mobile operators wasn’t anymore players. It was all going to direction that handset manufactures could be content providers as well because mobile operators had lost their customer loyalty to handset manufactures. Even I had problems getting my SVG clips work on different vendors drivers, they still worked with Ikivo player and Ikivo promised to help me in any way they can. They had still Venture Capital investors money something around $30M to use so obviously would have been a right partners.

And then Apple comes to market with AppStore, so obviously an App could be the solution to get my clips distributed and monetarized as well. I had developed my SVG skills and I was able to provide new clip each week.
I presented the idea of those clips to Channel4 and got them interested. The guy responsible for cross platform media wanted to meet me. So I asked from those investors little bit more money that I could meet Channel4 guys in London and develop an app to Apple AppStore. Apple had just launched it and there wasn’t much material available yet on those days. But they answered: “why can’t you face it. You clips doesn’t work and nobody understands your stories anyway?”. At least those guys dealing with SVG, whom I had shown my clips didn’t had any problems to understand what I told with my clips. So, why those Brits invested to animate a stories they didn’t understand remains a mystery for me. It’s not my fault that biggest idiots in UK had chosen to live in Newcastle. And imagine, at start those guys always call me a friend whom they want to help and who will make them rich? It wasn’t much a project to make millions, with some few thousand fan base it would have made me nice living and they would have got high return to their investment as well.

So, beware of Brits who start to call you a friend or who are thinking that they are managers of IT industry. Somehow Britain have produced a lot of musicians capable to produce fantastic music, but those people are living in poverty there. But when it comes to business managers or IT specialists, those are usually arrogant idiots who have no professionalism left whatsoever. And seems to me that this doesn’t bother this corrupted society. Let’s somebody else pay for their incompetence. “Lies have short legs” is an Estonian wisdom but they live in Goebbels time: “People always believe biggest lies, hoping this is is the truth”.

BTW. Andrea Arnold haven’t ever won Oscar BBC tries to claim now. But no wonder, to protect their mis-investments, they use any mean necessary including a corrupted judge, idiotic bannisters and armed robbers later identified as PSNI SWAT team.

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