3 comments on “Have recruitment consultants destroyed the IT business?

  1. I have had similar experiences. Some recruiters are completely ignorant, so they make up for that by only working with people who have held the EXACT same position for several years. They know nothing about software development at all-really, absolutely nothing-therefore they do things like reject C++ programmers for projects in C. They also reject Unix administrators because they are looking for Linux.

  2. Veiko:

    I saw this post listed in LinkedIn and had to comment. I was in the recruiting business for a few years, and I actually wrote an article on this topic – “Are you recruitible”.

    The fact is that recruiters are paid to produce something that exactly fits their clients description. Unless you are dealing with a boutique firm, chances are you’re dealing with a novice recruiter under tremendous pressure to check off 15 requirements before they can submit a candidate.

    I like to use the strawberry ice cream analogy to explain this. Suppose your girl friend or wife wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks to you get strawberry ice cream. You go to the store and see everything from choclate to pistachio ice cream, but you look until you find strawberry and bring it home.

    If your girlfriend or wife went by themselves they might decide that chocolate looked better, or they might just get yogurt instead.

    Most people are not strawberry ice cream, they are other flavors. Therefore you need to go to the business owner, or the actual hiring manager. The recruiter will only get what they are told.

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