Film Projects

My decision to move to film production was logical. After software was declared by some communist or hippie “free and open source”, I could not make any money by writing decent computer software products as the business model went to hire most incompetent programmers, write crap with high budgets and sell bug fixes afterwards. This wasn’t my way.

“Together Divided” is a lesbian love story about two nurses, who living in remote hospice helped lonely elders to join with their loved ones in heaven by killing them. Subsequently they where convicted as serial killers. I started the project in January 2005 with professional writer – Mark Ingram working with the script.

This project is now in hold until I have earned enough ($150K-$250K) from iOS apps to finance 50% of it. I would love to execute it in France with French director as they know how to make good love movies…

The second project comes to me from Northern Ireland, where I stayed 2006-2007. At least I sold the project to Screen Northern Ireland and they where happy to finance 50% of it. It’s based in true story what happened to my friend and my personal experiences of totally corrupted British justice system in Northern Ireland. It’s very Irish-Catholic story and even the end was inspired by IRA escape from Maze prison. It’s now available as eBook from Amazon until I have enough money to record the song for this story (hopefully soon) and produce the film trailer to present for prospective investors.