Forever Young

“Forever Young ” is a adventures punk-goth love story. After drinking Sangria, given by old Gipsy woman, Punk Rudolf and Goth Gerthu will become immortal vampires and their adventure begins.

I hope you have as fun reading it as I had writing it.

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“Jeremy has been drinking since Rudolf and Gerthu left his place. First, he just didn’t believed what had happened to them and then when he was sure that his vision had been correct, he tried to find answers without having any luck. He was only aware that they where somehow abducted by Satan. And all this made him keep drinking as drinking has always been his habit and way to figure things out. But this time it had taken too long and he just hoped, made his prayers, and drank some more… “

When they arrive at Kings Castle, there is a small ticket box in front of the tall wooden entrance doors.
“How much does it cost to meet the king?” Rudolf asks, knowing that they do not have any money at all.
“Fifteen euros,” answers the girl in the box office.
“I think we will have to fly inside,” whispers Gerthu into Rudolf’s ear. So once again they take each other’s hands and hover through the big doors over the ticket controller’s head. The controller first blinks her eyes several times and then thinks, Those must be ghosts. It’s a such
an old building so sure there must be ghosts here, and this reasonable thought calms her down.

“Suddenly the heavy metal door opens and the same old gypsy woman who gave Rudolf the bottle of Sangria enters. “Those are my children. Get away from them, Vlad!” she commands.

“Wow, my old lady Gynthia. How nice to see you.” Vlad laughs and stretches out his hand holding the mug towards her. “Would you like to have some wine?”

“They are not yours, they are mine!” yells Gynthia and takes the gun from her pocket. “Gynthia, let’s have fun together again! Remember, like we had fun in our old times,” laughs Vlad with his low, throaty voice.

“Fun! You call that fun?” yells Gynthia and points her gun at Vlad. “Now you will suffer for your fun.” Then she shoots at Vlad with silver bullet…”


““We should head south,” says Rudolf, and they fly over the white sea. “That’s the Black Sea,” says Rudolf.

“No, it’s the White Sea,” Gerthu says. “The Black Sea must be black as the White Sea is white. This sea is white.”

Rudolf doesn’t much want to argue with Gerthu, so he keeps his mouth shut until they reach another sea covered with icebergs which should have been The Mediterranean sea…”

“Father, meet my future husband,” the girl introduces Aldi to a tall guy with long white hair, wearing a black leather jacket and pants. “Hula, this dork isn’t a real man,” is the straight answer from Lombards’ king and the girl starts to cry again.

“Why father, why do you hate all the men I love?” and runs away. The king looks at Aldi and decides, “We will cook you today. Light the fire under the pot. We will have a party!” and crowd around him cheers to that…”

Then the villagers begin to collect their swords and bows and march to the Amazons’ village singing, “Rape! Rape! Rape!” but to their surprise, when they get there, the Amazons’ village is empty. Only the muddy, beaten up Amazon Queen is tied to that big palm tree standing in the village centre square. The Lombards are totally amazed. We are late and somebody has already ravaged the Amazons, the crowd thinks as they surrounding the ex queen, inspecting her.
“Let’s untie her so I can rape her,” says the King.

“And who will we rape then?” asks someone from the crowd.

“Not my business, she is a queen and only kings can rape queens,” he declares. But the crowd seems to not be accepting his word anymore. They sit down and then one person starts a speech saying, “We once had democracy. We voted for our kings. And the king’s job was to take care of us. But what do we have now? The king robs us even of our rights to rape Amazons. And I was told that he had drunk all our tequila as well. We need a revolution to get democracy back, rape the Queen and drink tequila.” Then all the crowd shouts, “Revolution, revolution!””

But Rudolf isn’t listening. His eyes reflect flames, which makes Gerthu terrified. Then, a burning man comes walking towards them along the red brick road. As the man approaches, Gerthu sees horns in his head and he is entirely surrounded by an inferno. The man takes Rudolf’s hand with the burning Zippo and then they both disappear inside the inferno.
Gerthu yells, “You won’t take my man!” and jumps into the flames and to her surprise, the sizzling flames vanish.
“Hello, Gerthu. I’m amazed at your courage,” says the man with horns.
“Who are you and why do you want to take my boyfriend?” asks Gerthu.
“Don’t you recognise me? I’m Satan of course,” answers the man with horns crossly.