Who will poison Gordon Brown?

We have again an Idiot in the power. For example Gordon Brown announced that all the reason of economic regression is in entrepreneurs. Those have taken too many risks and therefore we have regression. Entrepreneurship has made us humans at first place to get down from the trees and start to use tools, saved our human civilization millions of years so why one Idiot wants to destroy it?  

 We had a same kind of idiot in the power during the last days of the Soviet Union. He’s name was Jyri Andropov. This man was behind the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan, when he just sent the troops there behind Leonid Breznev back and later promised to him that he will transfer all Afghans to good communists within two month. When the war there was going on there over eight years destroying Soviet economy this man got to the power. And he immediately announced that the reason for bad economy is Vodka! And made a law that soviet citizens can’t buy Vodka before 2PM, Vodka was limited by coupons only to one and half liter per person per day. He sent all the Soviet police force to control people in the street before 2PM that streets should be empty. So, you get arrested being in the city before 2PM and especially when you where drunk.   

Another story related to Jyri Andropov was that when Norwegians launched their weather satellite. Then he was so sure that Vikings are attacking and would have sent out all Soviet nuclear arsenals to destroy western world. Being too drunk and not finding the keys the nuclear portfolio prevented the Armageddon to be happened then. Later either CIA didn’t took any risks and poisoned him or was it some fellow partners from Politburo, those archives are not yet so open.   

Can we risk such kind of person to lead a nuclear state? At least we should hijack those four UK nuclear submarines to prevent Armageddon to be happening! Those could have good use to study the depths of the Oceans where the life once begin and probably we can survive there after this Idiot has destroyed the basics of human civilization in the earth.   


I haven’t been able to execute any decent business projects or use my skills to benefit society since 2002 because of corruption, bureaucracy and cretinism. Even competent persons are now classified as “overqualified”. It was simple corruption being back in Estonia 2002-2004 where every corrupted bureaucrat asked 10-15% from EU regional development funding as a personal favor. So, I should have to pay more to bureaucrats than full economy development project budget was?

But hoping to British culture has been giving me much worse experiences. The humiliation and personal attacks I have encountered there can’t be scientifically otherwise explained than Brits have small cocks. That arrogance they are using to protect their incompetence when I’m just trying to help them out?

It’s much worse that I have seen in the relationship with BBC and Ipsos Mori. Ipsos Mori deliberately hiring incompetent persons, who are capable to interview only half of the target that they could fill half of the questionnaires inside giving their client exactly what they are expecting. That’s why probably BBC rejected my Setoland documentary project about the nations and country their viewers have no whereabouts with the reason “that isn’t what our audience is interested”. Why BBC believes those corrupted criminals in Ipsos Mori about their audience interests? I saw those persons. The person training us didn’t even know how to switch her laptop to the screen for showing us training material. And because I was the only one in the group getting all questionnaires honestly and most effectively filled as requested, that corrupted criminal denied honest job from me.  There can’t be any economy when society is based on lies.

 Why I haven’t been able to execute a single one even there should be capital available. But so far when corrupted arrogant idiots like Julia Silvester are managing 80M South East regional funds, there won’t be any economy in UK. I still want to know how many businesses Julia Silvester have done in her life that corrupted UK government gave her such kind of privilege.

So, who will poison those persons that our society will get back to normality and basic human values will be restored?