Estonian Christian Nationalists are not Fashists

After Estonian parliamental elections, there is now huge International media campaign going on to call “Estonian Christian Nationalist Party” Fashists. Even such kind of sources, like “Guardian” in UK did it. Usually “Guardian” has been reliable resource for me, but after such kind of lie, I have lost my trust to them. I could understand that corrupted BBC or DW usually distributes misinformation as they have to do so, but so far independent media has been more accurate on prejudging as they could be sued. 

And how can Guy Verlhofstad from EU parliament send email to current Estonian prime minister to avoid negotiations with “fashists”? Before joining EU, we where promised, that EU does not interfere local elections. When looking this guy speeches in EU parliament, he seems to be after dictatorship by demanding that national governments should be replaced by one world government, establishment European Police to beat people in peaceful demonstrations, etc. And he speaks like Hitler, therefore I would consider him to be danger to democracy and not Estonian Christian Nationalists. Estonians has vise saying: “who names somebody, he has to carry that name himself”. 

So, what are the basis of such kind of claims: 

Estonian constitution second paragraph says, that objective of Estonia as state is to keep Estonian nation, language and culture. After our second independence and during ruling “Reform” party, those objectives are not met. Over 100,000 Estonians from only one million population have been force to left their homeland to seek work and possibilities elsewhere. This has caused tax burden to remaining population as those leaving, have been in their best working age with experience and skills and called “overqualified” for their home country? 

Previous governments solution has been constantly raising taxes, which again reduces Estonian economy and forces more people to leave. 

Around 20% of Estonian habitants (mostly Russian speaking) have still to carry “non citizen” passport and problem is still unsolved after more than twenty years. That makes Estonia to be one of the highest in European Union by “immigrant population”. 

Therefore, they are against importing more immigrants from Africa and Middle-East. This can’t be called “racism”, because the skin color does not matter. Estonia can’t just afford more immigrants. 

And by giving those new migrants huge benefits and cash advantages, unreachable for local people have caused people to be very angry as most of the Estonians are still living in poverty. 

As Christians, they obviously are against “gay marriages”. Instead changing the current marriage law defining “marriage” to be between two person instead of male and female, Estonia tried to pass special “living together” law to define gay marriages. And this law was so badly worded, that it would have not changed anything. People started to ask, why some few thousand individuals should have their own law defining their personal life and they are right. Claiming, that Christians will start to shoot “gays” and showing images ISIS doing so in context by International media, will take the problem out of context. 

What actually Christian Nationalist Party program is about. 

Estonia still have “national defense league”, which is independent voluntary organization to defend country against foreign occupation. Previous socialist government tried to dissolve it, claiming that they are not needed, because NATO is protecting Estonia! I’m sure that five NATO tanks and three NATO fighter planes are not match to Russia military arsenal. But facing long lasting Guerra war carried out by ordinary people would make Russians to think twice before attacking. Therefore, instead dissolving it, they would give them some financing from Estonian Defense Budget. 

They wan’t to reestablish border control. Currently most of the EU-Russia border is uncontrolled, even Estonia get’s huge amount of money from EU to do so. With that money, Estonia built 6 km of border from hundreds of kilometers and showing this. That money is either misused or maybe even stolen. Yes, this could be compared to Donald Trump campaign to build a wall, but the actual objective is to control our eastern border. 

As judges (also politicians) in Estonia are not responsible for their decisions, lot of court decisions are just “absurd” and seems to be decided by personal taste or political reasons, rather than by law or “common sense”. Christian Nationalist Party want’s to put judges responsible and to be elected to avoid such kind of practices. That has made some “corrupted” judges very angry. One, communist era judge even declared: “If Christian Nationalist will come to power, she will be prisoned and deported”? So, my question was: “Are there any reasons for her to believe that?”. 

For example court decision that I can’t write software in Estonia and pay taxes there does make any sense besides protecting some corrupted bureaucrat who made such kind of decision by her incompetence! 

Also they wan’t to lower the taxes to make Estonian economy more competitive. Every previous government have increased those to fulfill their election promises. 

Biggest joke was last socialist government, who increased beer price so much that Estonians where going Latvia to by it. And to make it more comfortable for people in Southern Estonia, they made local transport free. So, they hoped to finance free transport from increased alcohol tax, which didn’t much worked as they planned. 

When Estonia got it’s independence back, the basis of constitution was taken from 1938 constitution rather than original one. 1938 president Pats changed constitution and Estonia went from democracy to dictatorship, allowing Russian occupation later. 

Therefore Estonians are not allowed to elect president and present “law initiatives” to parliament. Christian Nationalist Party want’s to give back those rights to people. 

Current Estonian presidency has been personal “real estate development projects” for someone using tax payers money and after two terms having a CIA agent (ex CIA employee) in that position, who constantly insulted Estonian nation in his speeches. The presidency has now taken over by some female EU bureaucrat, who haven’t shown any skills even to be nation leader and haven’t earned Estonians respect. 

Obviously, there are some “questionable” issues in their promises. For example to ask Donald Trump $1B for Estonian defense. As far I have been following, Donald Trump would like Estonia to pay US $1B, rather than giving it to Estonia, but as businessmen they could negotiate on such kind of matters. 

Current president or prime minister does not even have enough language skills, not to mention business skills to be equal partner for Donald Trump. 

And somehow foreign media does not mention the fact, that socialists lost most popularity in recent election, than Christian Nationalists gained. 

So, either this campaign has managed by socialists or “corrupted criminals” (Reform) party, but it does not help our nation international credibility. 

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