Veiko Herne

I’m an entrepreneur, with long background in Media and IT currently drinking beer in  my small home in Tartu, Estonia. Born 1964 in Tallinn, Estonia, my career has been taken me to New York, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, India, etc. My primary activities have been:

1. During the Soviet occupation era in Estonia, on the side of my computer studies at the Science Academy, I ran a pirate radio station and underground recording studio to produce and promote artists that were not endorsed by the communistic regime. The KGB could not trace the station, as we used high-rise buildings as antennas.

2. Over the period of Estonian liberation and reconstruction in 1989-1998, I built up and managed one of the first private software companies in Estonia, which successfully developed and delivered over a hundred IT systems for banks, telecoms operators, insurance companies and subsidiaries of international companies establishing their operations in the Baltic States. In addition to management and business development, I was the main architect of financial investment software algorithms supporting all kind of investments processes, matrix balance based analytical accounting software application and most flexible HR and Payroll application. Some of the company’s successes were: an award into finalists in 1995 World Championship of Programming; sustaining a local market leadership in database software (as a Gupta / Centura SQLBase distributor) against Microsoft and Oracle for 7 years.

3. Some solutions which I programmed and currently very proud of are flexible Interest Calculation algorithm calculating payment schedules, balances and accounting period earning for any of the investment type and most flexible payroll calculation algorithm where I never found any country where it didn’t fit by local rules. Both of them was implemented as one main and some update SQL statements which I wrote within a weeks.

4. As an instigator of internet technologies since early 90’s, I was involved in the development of early versions of the Netscape browser and search algorithms for Inktomi. Developing pioneering web marketing strategies and technologies, I started an b2b e-commerce operation in 1996 which was soon getting over 3000 unique visitors and 600 requests for evaluation copies per month from all over the world, including large multinational companies and even the White House.

5. Between 1998-2002, in partnership with Gupta Technologies, I built new joint sales channels in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and India for Gupta 4GL technology and my applications. To finance international growth, I pitched my business to several VCss.
Those kind of activities I was able to finance making a good return from NASDAQ, cashing out total $68K from my original $2K investment.
However, after September 11th, the situation suddenly changed and accessing funding became practically impossible. Being at the same time hit by unexpected business risks (several successive burglaries) as well as some family issues, I finally decided to close down the company in early 2002.

6. Deciding to go back to my roots in music and media, 2002-2003 I tried to launch an Independent Music Label, signing up artists in the UK and US. Even though I managed to produce several records and get plenty of positive media attention and festival gigs for the bands in Estonia, some broadcasted live by the National TV we failed to make any money from record sales as everyone just downloaded the tracks free on MP3.

7. In 2003-2004, moving from the Estonian capital to the second-largest city Tarto, I prepared several business plans and negotiated a number of art and media projects. These included a new type of automated TV channel, where classified ads sent in by premium SMS message were batched to run as a news bar in music video shows; I also initiated and negotiated EU funding for several cultural exchange projects. However, I soon found all projects stalled by small-town corruption and bureaucracy. But things turned worse – I soon lost all my business and personal assets being burgled and robbed 3 times. Trying to get help from the police, I got instead beaten up by cops – and making a complaint to local politicians received a clear statement that I should leave Estonia rather than demand that the crimes should be registered even if they are not solved. So, without any money, I hitch-hiked to Spain and lived in caves there over six months.

8. I finally settled in the UK in 2005, initially coming to help some of my friends here with their business plans and Internet marketing efforts, and to study film production. The first project to offer has been ready since 2005 offering from less than 500K budget 2-3M return. However, I wasn’t able to find right partners and use my skills properly there so I left to Northern Ireland.

9. And finally when I was in Belfast, Northern Ireland I told to BBC: “Over my death body you have right to destroy professionalism and if necessary I will become a suicide bomber and destroy BBC as well”. And BBC was so happy that finally after eight years of unsuccessful search in Arab countries, they have finally succeeded to find a terrorist living in Northern Ireland, so they sent SWAT team to arrest me. Twelve fully armed guys tried to get in to my small bedsit, took my computer and destroyed it. First they promised ten years in prison on which I was happy about to take. But this was a wrong hope even I demanded it nearly a year. Some totally corrupted judge out me to the glass box like a pope and didn’t let me to read my speech.

10. I left UK September 2007 and have no intentions to go back there. I’m glad, that Brits finally decided to leave EU. That incompetence they had there does not even belong to civilization and must be considered barbarians. Since then, I have been just hitchhiking spending summers in France and for winters, I have to go back to Barcelona. But have been hitchhiking also to Slovenia, Nederlands, Finland, etc. Even I’m still belonging to category homeless person for the society, I do not consider myself to be one. Somehow, society never accepted me to be slave for banking system, so I’m happy about that. I’m just carrying your minimalistic belongings always with me and sleeping in the sleeping bag. If you do not like it, then it’s your problem and not mine.

11. Finally, I got myself a computer (MacBook Pro as that old MacBook 2009 I had first, screen wasn’t built to be carried on back-bag) in 2015 and consider myself digital nomad since then. Besides two of my books available in Amazon, I have written several iOS apps (some based on my ideas and some freelance work to customers), so happy to be useful to the society again. I wonder, why my rights to pay taxes from those activities where denied by court decision in Estonia 2014?