Who are responsible for economical crisis

Nowadays even politicians has to face the fact that economy has been collapsed. And somehow I have known this long time. It all started this millennium. Before that business was good and professionalism was valued. Suddenly some persons, mostly females, where trying to implement their theories to the society which had no logic whatsoever. They called themselves CV people.

When I managed my company, I had difficulty to find decent people especially programmers that could deliver bug free results for my customers expectations. And when I made money in NASDAQ stocks, every mistake I made was immediately shown in my portfolio value. So I had learned to avoid mistakes. When your software doesn’t work then you have problem with the customer and when your stock pick goes downhill then you loose your money!

But according to CV bastards theories people should make mistakes. And they started to recruit only incompetent people to prove their theory. All competent people suddenly where declared to be “overqualified” what ever they mean on that term. How can anyone be “overqualified” when he sees opportunity to do the work better than the persons they had currently hired. No normal person will apply to do the job if he feels incompetent for it or if he doesn’t want to do it! Only mentally ill people do such kind of things and somehow those CV bastards love to deal with such kind of staff. They have made even theories that people always think more about themselves that they actually are so that’s why they are needed. And when they had recruited enough people who make mistakes to banks, sure we have finacial crisis ahead.

Usually people they have hired complaining that they are always too busy to do their job properly. And when I have observed them, I have found out that they doing mostly stupid things. Frequently they are trying to hide the problems rather than solving them. Obviously those people are not in right post and should be transferred for more suitable posts.

Imagine what kind of stupidity they could ask in job interview, like “what has been you biggest achievement?”. How does it relate to my professionalism if I would have been number 671 to finish famous marathon for example?

And most stupid question has been: “Why do you want to work for us?”. People work because they need money to live, isn’t that obvious?

Secondly they had been very creative to nominate everyone to be some kind of “manager”. So there is more managers nowadays than people to manage. And while you are still trying to apply to the post to do the actual work, they recommend you to apply “manager” position! Because all of those idiotic managers they have nominated, there isn’t results anymore. All what those managers are only capable to do is to give conflicting orders, so it’s better not to do anything until they have sorted all out between themselves what and how they want the problem fixed.

Their favourite site is LinkedIn where one of those bastards complained that he doesn’t get any proper candidates from eLance.eLance is a freelance job site so when I have to wrote a proposal to someone, I should have a good idea how do I implement the task and how much I should charge for it. But when they describe qualifications instead of what should be done, how can I even calculate my proposal? And if someone asks a Skype interview to clarify things out, those CV bastards point has been: “We don’t do interviews during candidate selection process”. How can anyone even apply to do something if they don’t give me any clue what must be done?

Anyway, being in eLance several years I could tell that it’s very rare to get any work thru them. Most of the requests are just SPAM where is no information what should be done besides typical texts what kind of eLance badges I should have been earned to qualify to make them an offer. And when you have found something that gives clear picture of expectations and as you have done same thing previously and show them examples; and you give them a good price, they usually do not bother to award anyone. From tens of proposals I have made, only less than 1% has been awarded. So obviously lot of persons are using this site to SPAM, rather than looking anyone to sort out their problem. Such kind of sites should have a different aim. I have skills to write code but no skills to do artwork. So when I can earn money writing code to someone, I should be able to earn enough money to pay for the designer and get my product to the market as my customer will get his objectives accomplished as well. That’s how the economy worked before some idiots changed it. And because of this we have to deal with a problem called “regression”.

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