why females should be banned to work on responsible posts

My latest experience with female judge was an Estonian court decision that my professional activities in Estonia are too risky which was based on claim, that I haven’t properly submitted the documents. When Estonian Job Board email server refused to take such a huge market research documents, I sent them a link to download. Maybe next time this female judge will demand that I should present notary approved translations well?  

Court decisions should be based on principles that would benefit Estonian country and his citizens, not on some technical details.  For me, that decision means that I have no reason to stay in my home country and start to pay taxes there, so  I left again.  

This isn’t the first time; I have to deal with stupid females. Let’s take example of all those CV people. First I remember it from Estonia when writing to my  CV, that I’m honest and  intelligent person, I got  a stupid answer that I  should go to politics? And what this calling people to be” overqualified” means? When Estonian Energy females in customer support don’t know how to calculate amperes to kilowatt hours, sure I had right to take their post? Anyway, I’m not anymore even discussing with CV people. If you want to work, easiest way is to put your tent in front of business with a protest sign.  

I had such kind of experience in Northern Ireland with Ipsos Mori where one female, who didn’t even know how to switch his laptop screen to the projector to show us training material, called me incompetent to ask peoples questions. I was the only one in that training group who was back first with all the questionnaires filled. Later she just started to avoid me, like one female in Tartu city (Estonia) who’s job title was “cultural integration officer”. I presented her a cultural exchange project between several EU countries and the financing for those kinds of projects was possible from EU Culture2000 fund. But as she didn’t even speak any foreign languages, she refused to fill the application form. Instead called herself sick or something to avoid meeting me.   

And let’s take those female commissioning editors from UK Television Channels. They can’t even read and definitely they do not have any decision making skills. That’s why we need to be aware not to send any project offers to females. Some females on those position think that I should sell them! Let me remember, that  it’s your job  to evaluate projects. If you are incompetent, you should leave the post immediately. I’m spending my time to prepare the offer to you and if you cant read it, it’s not my fault.  

I have seen those kind of situations before when I sold our HR Software. Some prospective just cannot listen and start to interrupt with stupid questions. Usually I just walked out and got phone call  sometimes afterwards from male company boss that they are still interested to  buy our software, so next time some guy from IT department will deal with us.  

Usually those females are claiming always to be very busy doing mostly stupid things. Once somebody explained to me, that they are trying to  organize the chaos surrounding them. 

At least in Estonia, they banned a stupid female to be a minister of defense. Previously she had claimed that the war in Egypt is very sexy and then wanted to be Estonian Defense Minister. What kind of sexy wars she would have started then, but anyway her Party didn’t support her to take such kind of post. So she started to accuse her Party with sexual discrimination.  

And when I was accused in Belfast by “causing stress and anxiety to BBC”, I was  first promised a  fair trial. And they gave me nearly a year to write my speech. But before my trial bannister told me, that because of female judge, if you read your speech there, you will be sentenced to the mental institution for the rest of your life…