Sound of Sirens by Jen Minkman

The story is placed to in Danish island Skylge where ruling class, lead by major Edison has monopolized electricity. And lots of islanders had been lost when they are listening music of the sea. This music causes sadness and people to walk to the sea.
So, those island occupants had taken over local lighthouse, claiming that they protect islanders from those making their people to walk to the sea.
But there is an ancient book about island history, which shows that the lighthouse was built long before occupants arrived and some guy Tesla had invented free energy as well.
The main character, 17 year old islander gets an LP, which could be played only with electrical player. Left without electricity, the islanders are using old mechanical players and this disk doesn’t play 78RPM speed. That’s why the islanders are familiar only artists, like Marlene Dietrich. She becomes friend of 22 year old boy from ruling class to play that disk. As both of them love that music, they become good friends and lovers.
But during an island festival, miracle happens. One punk band using Tesla’s invention performs with “distorted sound” guitars and amplified female voice. This will cause riots among islanders and major Edison calls riot Police to interfere.
Afterwards, our girl walks to the sea and finds others there live. But she will be saved and she gets back to the island.
I loved that story and it’s well written, so I never passed any page.
It’s a first book of the series, so at the end, I hope islanders will take their island back.
And somehow islanders must learn the German language in school, which everyone hates.