I am sleepless: Sim299 by Johan Twiss

The story situates to alien planets where different races are in war. It’s good, that author have included drawings of them and list of their abilities at the end of the book. And more specific, the story is about young people military school, where those students will be trained in virtual environments to be soldiers. That’s Sim299, where they somehow hack in. Kind of Matrix type of environment.

The book answers questions, why they are in war and for what they are trained to fight and that’s make the story clear.

Obviously they have to beat the enemies in that virtual environment and that’s needs three friends to act together. Somehow, the school director seems to be bad guy, so they have to beat him as well.

It was entertaining reading and the book was in right size, so it didn’t get bored. However, all the time I had impression that ideas are copied from somewhere. Author had promised that there will be sequels to this book, so this seems to be the first book of series. Worth to read and I will rate it four stars.