Dead End in Pyrenees by Elly Grant

The author claims to live in the small town at French Pyrenees and like to murder people and that’s true. At least in this book. When reading this book, I always wondered where she actually lives. I first imagined the place to be Ceret, but as she constantly points to Ceret as another place, it must be somewhere else. It cannot be Le Boulou, because Le Boulou is much bigger than Ceret and from a book, I got imagination that Ceret is bigger town than herĀ“s. There is some small villages after Ceret to small and beautiful mountain road, which is an alternative way to Spain not passing the main crossing point after Le Perthus. But somehow I got an image, that the place should be somewhere between Ceret and Perpignan. So, this is the first mystery for me? There is lot of hippie and punk communes in this mountain area, but she never mention those. There is lot of expensive restaurants for tourists mentioned in the book, which are rare to find elsewhere than on the main road from Le Boulou to Le Perthus. But lack of any small village there makes me wonder, where she actually lives.
Which goes to murders, there are lot of those in this book. The book starts with last murder of series of murders and female local detective must find out, was it a natural cause of death or murder. Then there is private detective coming from Beziers to investigate one past murder, but instead he will be murdered. And a drunkard guy will be murdered as well. I wonder, is there really a law in France that permits person to shrug in streets during winter period? No wonder, they had to murder him to proceed with their business plan.
Somehow plus six degrees in Celsius is freezing temperature there. I come from Estonia where temperatures go below minus forty during winter there, so obviously any temperature over zero is warm enough for me.
Local female detective lives together with another lesbian female, but author tries to explain that she is not lesbian (yet). Maybe she is bisexual and from some next book in series, she would have a lesbian experience with her or she will get to relationship with one local guy, she have a date. That’s to be find out from her next books.
The book ends as it should end for small community. Having business relationship with the murderer, the detective decides to cover up those murders.