The Death of Danny Daggers by Haydn Wilks

It was fun to read and sometimes I just switched off my iPod off to laugh. Even so long book, I never passed a page as I usually do. The story situates in modern Wales where an Internet celebrity gets killed. The local Police have arrested an obvious suspect with the gun and blood in his clothes, but have to release him, because he had killed only a bird to eat and not mr. Daggers. So, who killed him?

Then the story goes back few days with events leading to his dead.

A probably last investigative journalist left in UK, who speaks funny english tries to find out. He is accompanied by Korean student, intern to local newspaper, where that last investigative journalist had got his job after being laid from big national newspapers. That Korean girl comes to Wales to learn proper English, but actually learns how to keep up drinking. Valuable lessons for her.

And UK justice system had just released a psyhopath trying to kidnap his son having an idea to retire in Spain with him.

The author has described charaters very well by using mobile brands for their personality. And he is so right about iPhone, which sometimes just switches off for soma days and starts to work again. Actually part of the story is about call center in Cardiff trying to sell telecom services to other call center people in Wales. Kind of economy UK is proud off.

And the point of the story is about one broken screen Nokia Lumia, which will cause Danny’s death.

I loved, when he tries unsuccesfully escape from Wales several times to end up again in the place where they ask ID first to sell you Fosters or pack of tobaco. And without an ID, you are screwd. So, obviously any British celebrity without an ID will end up dead in Wales.

Funny and well written book. I could understand, why someone hates it with one star review. It has nothing to do with improper Wales accent.