Vermiculus by S.A. Stricker

Well written book that keeps you reading and enjoying the authors imaginations.

The story situates to dystopian Earth where alien races genetically modify humans to be their soldiers by creating animal fighting capabilities and looks to them. So, being a mix of grab and gorilla who can likes to kill or four hand monkey look creature with lonely heart are the charaters you will meet in this book.

But some humans still fighting for the occupation race, mostly living in US demolished cities, like Atlanta and Las Vegas.
The main character is a unique speciment of mix of two intelligent alien races with inner female voice, belonging to one of those race to guide him.

Making prison escape from this alien prison called Hell and stealing the alien spacehip built using liquid metal called Omnitanium, the team is together to search his mother and father.

Being constantly traced by this alien race called Memors, he also meets his love during this trip.

And finally, when some other alien race arrives to take over the Earth, all those races here will join together to figth for bigger enemy.

I read this book anxiously and never skipped a page as I usually do.