Is BBC redefining the definition of film now?

When I was arriving to Brighton 2004 then I presented Screen South a project and professional script which I had successfully tested against my target market to make high profits from low budget feature film using the emerging digital distribution channels. Then Screen South bureaucrats answered to me that they have great talent there to support and they have no money to waste to those kind of projects. I was there nearly two years and I didnt find much talent in Southern UK. There where only some busy professionals overcharging from their work.

And in year 2009 I went to Cannes film festival.

One of highly marketed projects was “Fish Tank” made by persons to whom Screen South and BBC had put high amount public money in.

Then I took a quick look to it but as there was much more interesting things to do, I didnt much bothered to watch it fully then.

But after reading a lot of appraising reviews (paid?) about this movie , I went to see it again in Paris.

In a good movie actors role is to deliver the story in a way that audience believes that this is really happening. This movie is about Anneli Jarvis acting amplified by Andrea Arnold wish to show everywhere that she had been a good student of London Film School.

The only audience was a twenty year old law student who had bring her single mom to watch it with the question “You have seen me acting. Maybe you had used your lifetime savings to send me film-school instead?”

How this movie can be a masterpiece?

Same time I have offered lot of Interesting documentary projects to BBC which I could have been executed on budgets between 10-15K.

Setoland is a nation between Russian-Estonian border having their own Language, Flag, Hymn and even King. Their King is elected which could be an alternative to British monarchy. There wasn’t much an economy there and besides contraband between Russia and European Union state Estonia and making their own strong spirit (over 75% of alcohol) and selling it to the black market.

BBC answered to me that this is not interesting topic to their audience even most of the Brits I met told me otherwise that cultures and nations they have no whereabouts are an interesting topic and they would love to see those in BBC?

Being in Northern Ireland I was surprised that so much youth had turned to Punks. Usually punks are something over 50ties, always drunk and claiming their social benefits. So I made to BBC an offer for the documentary project to find out is today’s Punk Culture in Northern Ireland with a question to be answered “is it a silent protest or a try to keep their cultural heritage alive”. This would have covered the history of Punk culture, how it was born in Northern Ireland, how it made Sir Richard Branson one of the richest man in England and why its still alive in Northern Ireland.

BBC never answered to this proposal. As it has been now cleared during my court process against BBC that some employees in BBC just delete those emails what doesn’t fit to their career plans. How can a public organisation do that?¬†

To both of those projects was professional director attached who still knows what cinematography is about.

When I was in Belfast between 2006-2008 I tried to apply for the honest work to do as “market researcher” for IPSOS-MORI. After being in training by the person who wasn’t able to connect his laptop to the screen to show some slide show, he started to avoid me in using same strategy like once corrupted bureaucrat from Tartu City Municipality did who was named in the post of “Cultural Integration Officer between Estonia and EU”. In Tartu I presented her some cultural exchange projects using Culture2000 fund but this person didnt speak any European languages and had never visited any foreign country. The person in Ipsos-Mori Belfast office had left a note that she considers me being incompetent to ask questionnaires in Northern Ireland? I was the best in the group getting all questionnaires filled presenting public opinions and first back from that task so why those incompetent persons deny the professionalism?

But in the next day I went to the streets of Belfast with to ask my questions based on their definitions of “social classes”. I interviewed over an hundred persons within few hour to get following results.

And most of the people from Ipsos-Mori definitions of “Social Classes” questioned agreed with me:

  • Ipsos Mori is a bunch of liers manipulating results for their customers benefits
  • The act sending BBC employee John Simpson to occupy Kabul was similar like Lenin once took Winter Palace and BBC should take the responsibility of consequences
  • Getting known nations and cultures they have no whereabouts, especially when they are residing on new borders of European Union and Russia would have been interesting topic for BBC audience.
  • Showing mostly Antique Auctions and Homes Under Hammer on TV during the economic regression time is causing them “Stress and Anxiety”

I would like to see the full accountability how much public money using BBC and Screen South had put to Anneli Jarvis and Andrea Arnold, and why this film should belong to Film Classics?

And I want to know despite the fact that some corrupted judge from courtroom number 10 in Belfast Magistrates Court can declare me “mentally ill”!

“Mentally ill” was also called some persons who during the process of Estonia joining to European Union was questioning that maybe we should enjoy our independence, our high growth¬† economy, develop our culture and the economy until we have our unique selling point before joining again to some unions. Some persons who had distributed between themselves high salary positions in EU commissions called them “mentally ill” claiming that “how can someone reject the prosperity what European Union is offering?” “Mentally ill” persons also asked that according our Constitution declaring a war to Afghanistan and Iraq is something that our Parliament and President should do and not some bureaucrat in MOD. But this bureaucrat answered that NATO doesn’t like us if we do it this way.

And Estonia joined EU with 52% of “Yes” votes in the election where less than half of the population bothered to participate.

Maybe some day those votes will be recounted and could happen same what happened after Florida votes in US where recounted and we found out that Georg W Bush wasn’t even elected president by American nation.

But now the damages are already done. Estonian economy is totally collapsed, the corruption introduced by EU has taken over there, most of the nation have migrated to the last beaches of New Zealand and Australia (this was a good movie, around 4h long once commissioned by Hallmark channel) while I’m stuck in corrupted EU being force to see how BBC whom once I admired is destroying all those values that was once called professionalism and I cant even do nothing about it?