Forestium by Christopher Morgan

Forestium: The Mirror Never Lies
Christopher Morgan

Joshua, a young woodsman, is approaching the age ofdecision. Despite the tales of his father having died in a skirmish with another tribe, Joshua's dreams are telling him otherwise. The young man yearns for the truth and decides to enlist the help of his villageelder to guide him. Armed with little more than the cryptic musing fromthe ailing elder, Joshua sets off to find the Oracle with his bestfriend and an imp, who is travelling the land to find others of hiskind. It isn't long before they stumble into a beautiful and ingeniousyoung woman who is herself on a journey of discovery.

Travelling through fantastic landscapes, the four travelling companions meetstrange people and creatures alike, and must use all their cunning andingenuity to find the remaining magical orbs. Will Joshua find all themagical artefacts needed to open the Portallas and free his father?

Forestium is a land somewhere. There is a map at the start of the book of it as there is lot of drawings on those creatures, living there in this book and dictionary at the end. So, you can always check it up when you are lost reading the book. A group of young people take a trip to travel thru this country and have their adventure. I immediately loved that country, because people there enjoy drinking good wine and eat “shoorms”, which look like mushrooms.
They get their hands to “Mirror of Prophecy” showing future and some evil Goat is after that mirror too. And then they trade the mirror to a orb, which should be more useful against that evil Goat compared to mirror. And after they have seen their future, they didn’t have much use of it anymore anyway.
And seems, that this was a right thing to do. When they meet Oracle, Oracle gives them new mission to find two other orbs (there is actually three of those) and open “Portallas” to parallel world where this Goat guy keeps some of people of their world in prison, including one of the travellers father.
Well written fantasy adventure and author has probably spent lot of time writing it. And the result is worth to read and enjoy that adventures story happening in that foreign land of Forestium.