The Sabbath

The Sabbath
Arthur Nsenga, Shaunakay Francis

The morning after witnessing a spectacular meteorite shower, Cory Shembo and his girlfriend Lana didn’t expect to wake up immortal.

News bulletins claim the meteorites have released a chemical compound called ATHENS which has caused mutations in the human race. The twisted outcome has left people unable to die but with an increased sensitivity to pain.

Now with the majority of food supplies contaminated, and the rich controlling what little is left, the desperate young couple are force to go on merciless food raids just to stave off the pain.

During which they accidentally discover a secret government device and find themselves caught up in a diabolical plot to control the future of humanity.

US Government blows biological missiles to their citizens, which everyone accidentally think to be meteor shower. But, then some people go missing. Government declares that most of the food and water in the planet is contaminated and they are in control of only consumable resources left. A young couple, Lana and Cory with their younger sister Isabel are trying to accommodate to this new environment.

And then we found out, what really happened thru some weird evangelist. As religion has historically challenged political power, government decided to get rid of all religious people and religious literature. An interesting story idea. However, the plot doesn’t much continue with that idea and leaves it as background information. Instead, the book continues with piracy raids to government trucks and outsiders survival in this new, wild-west type of environment. Lana founds new career in security systems installation, and obviously finds increasing market for her services. So, they are doing fine and earn enough to buy “expensive” drinking water, which has been pirated from government trucks.

A new plot comes, when they rob a truck carrying small microchips addressed to dr. Damian Phillips (somewhere in book, he is only named Damian Phils, so I wonder is there a grammatical error or should it be this way). And those chips are now in Lana and Corey possession, not knowing what to do with them.

At the end of the book, they found dr. Damian laboratory and instead being a bad guy planting microchips to humans, the plot get’s more confused with his “cancer” treatments. And it remain unanswered, was all the water and food contaminated, or was it just another government lie.

When I started my reviews, I was thinking only to rate four or five stars as I probably won’t finish books I do not like anyway. This time, I finished this book and continued read it to find answers to the questions. However, I never found any answers, just new plots making the book more confusing. That’s why I will rate it only three stars. Anyway, it was well written and I had no problems reading it. There is even jealousy element, when Lana kisses her customer Doug, and her jealous boyfriend Corey finds out. I was expecting someone to die in love triangle, but as everything in this book, this plot discontinues, so I wonder why it’s there in first place.