Stormers Pass by Benjamin Laskin

This book got me inside from the beginning. In small mountain village, there is a girl living with her father and dog in the middle of wilderness. Her name is Aidos and she never have entered to school. She becomes a good friend with local librarian, who gives her books to read. And her interests are much more mature than other children in her age.

Local school hero and baseball talent Max Stormer get’s love with her. Actually it’s more like a friendship than love. By his lead, more children from school start to take training from Aidos rather than interested attending school.
And thing start to happen in that small village. Librarian lady dies, the couch who had great hopes for Max Stormer dies, schoolmaster is a big bastard, so is the major of that town. And real estate developers are coming planning their projects to take down the forest where Aidos lives.

And then Aidos vanishes. She has told everyone not to worry, but Max Stormer doesn’t take her advice. He goes to search for him. And local officials will go to search for Max Stormer, being convinced that he is a criminal who had vandalized real estate developers equipment.

Even having military involved, they have had much luck to find him. First local children and afterwards nationwide movement, supporting Max Stormer and Aidos will occupy the streets with protest and refusing to leave. This makes extra worries for local police chief and major, who would like to clean up those protest at any cost. Even asking soldiers to shoot them.

After being nearly captured and escaping thru certain death, Max Stormer finds Aidos and together they ride to local town with their horse.
Well written interesting story.