Arrogant Politicians and European Union have destroyed Estonia

Recently Estonian prime minister announced that he does not anymore talk to the people because People are calling them “uncensored names”? It happened when Estonian President wanted to get round table between ruling Parties and 12 people who wrote manifestation regarding openness of Party financing and Democracy. One of those persons had called government ruling party as “immoral bastards”.

Most interesting is how this Party is still in power. Estonia has sold itself as innovative country where citizens can deal with a public sector electronically using ID cards. But there has been proof that at least election results are manipulated. Practically few minutes before election close time, lot of votes has been given electronically to the people from ruling Party as they have nominated their own persons to run the election system.

Actually Estonian election system is far from democratic, allowing you to vote the Party list only. Because I haven’t bothered to vote since 2004 when referendum results to join European Union was manipulated, I was very keen to know how I have been officially voted since then. Public servants refused to give me such kind of information. So obviously they have used my ID to give votes without my permission to the ruling Party.

Another issue is rules that Parliament have done to keep current politicians in power. For example, you need over 10,000 members to register a new party same time none of the ruling parties doesn’t have such kind of membership. And only Parties that are already in power will get government financing for their next campaign. Mostly Estonian Parliament members are deciding about their salaries which have increased several times more compared to average or minimum salary, and when you have been twice in Parliament; then you will get a similar pension to the rest of your life.

Also another politician lie was recently published in newspaper. Mart Laar (one of the first Estonian prime ministers) claimed that Estonians set a course to join European Union since our independence? I was there when referendum to join EU was officially announced that less than half of the population where participated with the results of 52% said “yes” and 48% said “No” to EU. As I didn’t know anyone who would have been wanted to join EU, I think that voting notes with the writing “go and lick your Brussels bosses asses” where all counted as “yes” vote. I didn’t know not a single person interested to join EU on those days. Everyone where just busy to sell their businesses we had built over the ten years of reconstruction period, because otherwise some Germans or Swedes would have taken our market anyway.

The Politicians EU campaign was a total joke. It all was about what persons will get what kind of better salary positions in EU commissions and didn’t covered the points what ordinary citizens will get from European Union at all. All people who questioned this step where declared just to be communists.

The Estonian current Justice Minister seems to be worse than any Soviet Union leaders once where. He several cases, his party will make the decisions how judges must be judge and expects British judges to follow this as well? Anne-Marie Galonjan, Estonian politician currently in exile in London case is a good example of this. Sure, British judges gave her asylum as by them and any other democratic country, justice system and governments are separated. So, they ruled that Estonian Minister doesn’t have authority in British courts. Anne-Marie Galonjan wrote to her book how the leading party was financed using “dark money” and some other party members have told the same being immediately excluded from Party after telling the truth to press. Estonian Police had to close the investigations because those “immoral bastards” are also Estonian Parliament members who are above to law to prosecute.

The laws that Justice Minister is making are sometimes funny. When I was in Estonia, they made a law that courts should post their decisions to that person Facebook wall? Now they are trying to make changes to the criminal law that insulting party or government members will get you for three years in prison.

Anyway, when I decided to leave Estonia after it joined I saw the European Union to be much more stagnated than Soviet Union was during Leonid Brezhnev era. And it has gone much worse since then. The new Hitler (Angela Merkel) tries to destroy all other countries economy that Germany will be again “uber alles”. How does otherwise explain her demands for troubling economies to raise taxes and reduce public sector. Every person who has read the basic economy book will know that during regression, governments should lower the taxes. Lower taxes mean more money to spend, more money creates more demand, more demand means more jobs and more jobs mean more money. And why they should send people working in public sector from active role in society to passive role with unemployment benefits. How do those people in benefits help to create values to the society? That’s why people in demonstrations in southern EU states, like Spain, Greece, Italy, etc are burning Angela Merkel puppies and she is constantly showed in Nazi uniform with Nazi symbolic.

Estonia would have done much better without corrupted local politicians and more corrupted European Union. During 2000-2001 I was involved in offshore financing raising Venture Capital to my business. Then constantly I had to explain, what kind of country we are. By then, we had built our own innovative banking and telecoms, so those Venture Capitalists recommended that we could be something like Switzerland. There was lot of capital available on those resources to help us to be country like Andorra for example. But by their stupidity, Estonian banks and Telecoms where just sold to Swedes who are now financing those corrupted politicians to keep EU happy.

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