Ravens Peak by Lincoln Cole

The secret society called “Ninth Circle” is to protect the world from demons. Demons need a body and usually mark their victims long before they will enter to body. Abigail works for that society and her job is demons fighter. There is also the council, who makes only decisions and they undervalue her skills.

Haatim is usual guy seeking for job and get’s hired by someone to follow his follower. So, he follows Abigail not being aware that Abigail follows the demon, who was actually Haatim employer.

Things will get very messy, when some guys in dead bodies trying to kill Haatim. Abigail saves her and they take a trip together to Raven’s Peak together as Haatim seems to be marked by demon and his father run’s the Council.

Raven’s Peak is small village nowhere. Being once mining town, but nowadays practically inhabited. For some reason, the town was relocated and has old ghost town somewhere in woods with abandoned church and caves and mining tunnels.
In short distance, there is a camping site where paranormal activities starting to take place. A group of youngsters go crazy and kill each other. And then this madness will spread and town becomes kind of Zombie town. Demon called Belpehegor seems to be responsible for it, so Abigail has to fight with the demon to save the city. And the time is limited, as council has been decided to demolish Raven’s Peak by dropping napalm. When Abigail sends Haatim away, he still decides to come back and surprisingly was able to win the demon. So, the town is saved.

And Abigail continues to search Arthur, whom demons kidnapped at the beginning of the book.

The book was well written and easy to read. The story never get’s bored, so was anxious to read it to finish ASAP. I rated it with four stars, which means “very good”.