Written to Death by Zack Abrams


Well written detective story. As wife of the detective is also detective, this creates two detective cases to follow in this book. First one begins, when an “A Class Bitch” has been found stabbed to death during a play. The second one begins when a gang beats up some local lawyer.

And detective wife, who is also detective becomes pregnant as well. To my surprise, they drink non alcoholic wine not to hurt unborn baby? What’s non alcoholic wine (probably a juice) is not becoming clear in this book and how drinking wine could hurt a baby as well.

I assume that the author is a Britt as any gang related crimes there are blamed to be related to Russians. And even getting beaten up, the female detective and her baby survives and Russian gangsters will get caught.

Who killed that “a Class Bitch” remains mystery sometime, but when it comes up that this bitch had to die anyway, it becomes clear for me how she died. But not to that detective in book.

It was easy reading and well written, so recommend it for anyone interested to read detective stories.