The Agora Files by Adam Oster

A man is the runner. And he is the best to deliver secret messages thru dystopian landscapes, which US somehow is. Government drones and police are after him, but even they become near to catch him, always something is in his side to escape.

He had promised to deliver an important letter within fifteen days from South US to North US for resistant. This should be impossible for running, but thanks to lot of happenings in his way, he will get helpful rides from others, including “resistance”.

He even get a female companion to his journey, so the trip is like business and pleasure for him. And love emerges.

Because they have to jump to Canada for a moment, where democratic government is still in power, they obviously help him to reach his destination six days before. Canadians had constructed tunnels below Niagara Falls to help US resistance to escape from US.

Even leaving his girlfriend behind just to make the delivery, he is arrested just few miles before his destination. But again, such kind of hero’s does not stay in prison long time. He escapes and there the story ends. At least for this first book, so you have to buy sequel to read further.

The idea isn’t anything new, and I have seen several movies based on same idea. “Stalker” is probably most famous of it. But this story keeps reading, and even always wondering how US is in state of “civil war”. But this book doesn’t much explain what had happened. Only thing, that pop up’s sometime is how some people after US had bombed Hiroshima during WW2, they where against it and become s.c. “resistance”. So, I had feeling that for the author this story happens in today’s US.