Pirates of the Milky Way by Reed Jackson

It was a read for myself just in time, when total lockout of people and economy occurred in Spring 2020 at Toulouse, France using Coronavirus as excuse. And this book explains the reasons. There are always two different ideologies to fight each other between autocracy (socialism) and democracy. Therefore there is a war in the Galaxy. And rebellion daughters of that autocrat leader will always fight against their father. One even becomes the wife of leading pirate while another joins independence movement of some insignificant planet. Piracy is supported by democrats. 

In the world of teleportations and super AI’s, robbing a banks becomes easy. Just get the sensor inside the bank vault and you can teleport all the cold and cash reserves anywhere where you want. Usually to the pirate ship cargo bays. 

And there are “blue collar” slaves. If you are in deep debt, just sell yourself to be “blue collar slave” for ten years. Your personality will be altered, your memories erased and after ten years, you have enough credits to start again and without any memories. I loved that idea! And the business to sell and buy those slaves was booming. However, sometimes pirates catch those ships with slaves and that’s a good business to sell them in slave market. 

But leader of “federation” has been experiencing with those slaves to create assassins wearing “blue collars”. Those assassins have unique capability to transfer themselves using wires, so obviously they can be anywhere anytime to kill. 

During the era of teleportations and super AI’s, space battles will last only seconds. And if some force will use the strategy to teleport a sun to the battlefield, another force will teleport enemy ships to the sun core. 

New kind of societies will arise inside cargo ships where cargo is usually teleported and the captain is over 120 years old. Nobody ever had seen the Captain. There are CATS (Children of the Ship) and RATS (Rebellion in the Ship). CATS have their religion to worship Ship as when cargo is teleported, Ship can give and take their needs and they have to worship Ship to get their essentials. 

And when girls from CATS become certain age, RATS will kidnap them to have kind of marriage ceremony where boys have to fight for their rights to be married with kidnapped female from CATS. 

And then there is the CREW. Sometimes the CREW kidnaps people from RATS and this will be biggest honor to be kidnapped by CREW. 

Pirates of Milky Way offers over twenty hours enjoyable reading from Reed Jackson.