Gathering Tinder by Julie Wetzel

She finds her dream job. What could be better than being the personal assistant to wealthy company boss. And for her surprise, he has collection of luxury cars that he sometimes asks her to drive.

But she isn’t aware that her boss is actually 600 years old vampire until the car broke and she has to drive her master to vampires meeting.

Vampires and Werewolf’s has a problem as somebody kills them with fire. And when the killer is not a vampire or werewolf, it must be a fairy.

As her master leaves her alone with other vampires during meeting, other vampires are not aware that she is not her master slave and is just “innocent” secretary doing her job. And she wasn’t much aware about vampires either until one of them tries to “rape” her. Luckily her boss comes on time and after the incident she is in his protection everywhere.

To her surprise, the nightclub she likes to hang out with her friends is actually owned by vampires and werewolf’s, being their favourite hang out place, so she meet’s other marvellous vampire there.

But when she reaches home, she dies on fire set by fairy. So this marvellous guy saves her to make her vampire.

It was interesting reading, so I will recommend it to anyone interested about this topic.