Empire of Magnus by Dwight Dugas

Empire of Magnus
Memoires of the Mongrel King
Dwight Dugas

Darrian Xavier, a British gangster, recounts his life story to an ancient Egyptian vampire. How he became the first vampire of his kind who was used by his masters as an instrument to get revenge on an enemy tribe and create the first world empire ruled by vampires. Darrian, first of the Mongrels, awakes to learn the ironic truth that not only did he possess the one key his masters needed to get the upper hand over the Illuminati tribe and man. But that very key which he holds in the palm of his hand, is also the one thing that can destroy the empire of death he helped create. Giving mankind a slight chance to reclaim the Earth.

The guy (Darrien) had difficult childhood. After his father had found wife in bed with someone else, he killed them both and later himself. He got in love with a girl in school and made her pregnant. Even they planned marriage, one bastard in his school called her fiancee slut so he hit him so badly, killing that guy. After prison, his family and loved one didn’t accept him anymore, so he had to start new life his own. Thanks to inheritance, he started a drug business and become a mobster. And when other gangsters tried to kill him, he had to kill them all. So, as England wasn’t anymore safe place for him to stay, he just left to New York.
But instead starting his new life there, some odd virus took him and made him a vampire.
That vampires clan he belonged, was keen on sex orgies, fist fightings and their females where all bold. There was another vampires clan, called Illuminati who had taken the world to rule it, including humans and other vampire clans. So he becomes assassin for his clan until they betray him. After killing his daughter mother, the daughter becomes a vampire as well belonging to Illuminati gang.
Being killed again by his own clan, he spends some time in hell and will be called again to earth to finish the job with this Illuminati gang.
There is lot of violence in this book, so even I had to scroll over some pages. Especially the fights between wounded vampires and how they hunt and kill humans in New York subways or Central Parc. But it wasn’t a boring book to read, despise it’s length. It says that it’s only first book of series, so we should wait for the next one.