Garach Sameer – The Bull Option

The Bull Option: A Wall Street Novel
Garach Sameer
Mare Press
January 6, 2019

When Kannada Khan, an investment banker turned homeless man, saves the life of Robert Prosperi, a struggling hedgie, he is repaid with a unique yet risky job offer that could change his fortune forever.

With plans for a theft on Wall Street, Robert aims to undermine his rival, the head of the New York Stock Exchange, and Kannada seeks to return to a life of normalcy. They recruit a motley crew from Main Street--a bartender, a stockbroker, an attorney, a computer hacker, a pilot, a boxer, a confidence man, and an upscale luxury companion--to carry out their scheme.

Three weeks is all they have to infiltrate the heart of American financial power and steal the proceeds from the biggest Initial Public Offering in recent history. However, money isn't the only motive driving Kannada. Chasing his past flame is his game. Now she's working for and dating the very Wall Street titan they're trying to rob.

A guy, working for financial firm meets homeless guy selling tomatoes in business suit. Finds out, that this homeless guy had previous successful career in financial firm, but that ended, because that firm was involved in Ponzi schemes. And that happened just before his marriage, so he had to escape from fiancé as well. 

As they both are familiar about financial industry dark secrets, they become a plan to benefit on those. 

And they start to recruit more people to their gang to rob an IPO from NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). They recruit a helicopter pilot, a computer hacker, an escort girl from LA and some more people for this job. 

Even the plots are turning and our characters get into unbelievable situations, the book is well written and author has great knowledge about financial industry and people there. 

For example, for money laundry they are offered to use Kaisa Kallas from Coop Bank in Estonia. 

Even Coop bank is small private local bank, major Scandinavian banks in Estonia where involved in huge money laundry scandals. 

And Kaisa Kallas is actually working as financial supervisory of Banks in Ministry of Finance. 

Siim Kallas was during early days of Estonian independence the head of the Estonian Central Bank, sold Estonian gold reserves and lost that money in Jewish scam schemes. Also, he was involved stealing Estonian entrepreneurs money from frozen deposits in Russia, being a head of EU corruption fighting commission was forced to leave on corruption charges, etc. 

Was founder of Estonian Reform Party which was in power nearly two decades and currently this Party has taken over by his daughter Kaja Kallas. However, unlikely they will get to power again. 

Kersti Kallas is a founder of Estonia200 party, so obviously all from Kallas family are corrupted robbers. Therefore, the book is very accurate using persons and even describes the IPO process very accurately. When big guys can make money “gray” way, so small guys have right to rob them as well.