Seaton Carew: Over the Hills and Far Away by Pat Craswell

Over the Hills and Far Away
Seaton Carew
Pat Craswell
October 12, 2010

Seaton Carew in ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ is a fast paced adventure for the open minded adult, designed to be enjoyed by the pool or après ski. It is the first of a planned series of Seaton Carew centred novels.
Seaton Carew, named after the town of his conception, is the son of the late ‘Dune’, the ‘rock god’ lead guitarist of Jurassic Era and the 1980’s nude model ‘Fiamma!’. Now starting to enjoy his father’s fortune he is free to indulge his passions for the fine life, cars, travel, adventure and ladies. And blessed with his father’s magnetic charm, ladies feature large and often in his life!
In ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ he finds himself caught in Borovia, a Balkan state that is lurching back to dictatorship. He and two friends have to flee the country to avoid becoming part of the ‘Human Shield’ against EU action. On route they are continually thwarted by militias and corrupt officials, but find help from the most surprising quarters.
However escaping neo communism is not the only thing going on in Seaton’s life. Back in London, his father’s activities come back to haunt Seaton and a stalker threatens his life, and the life of any children he may have in the future ....
This novel contains sexual scenes, some violence and swearing and as such is not deemed suitable for those under 14 or those offended by such material. Edition 2 is edited for a superior reading experience

It has been long time for me to get a book that takes me inside so much that I will finish the book within one night and read it even twice. 

This first book of Seaton Carew adventures takes him and his friends to Bavaria for a skiing holiday and as the military coup happens there, where new dictator issues the order to capture all foreign persons for ransom and his political demands to European Union. 

Obviously, our group of Brits are not much into those kinds of games and their James Bond kind of adventures begin. One female military commander – “Paz” takes the capture of our “fugitives” very seriously and the leader group of Heavy Rock motorbike gang – Hulk recognizes Seaton as son of his idol from “Dune”. 

Anyway, after several captures and escapes, they finally reach Austria over the mountains. 

There are lot of flashbacks in the book to get the background story of Seaton, his Father, Mother and Rose as author’s objective is to continue Seaton Carew adventures.  

Being visiting Slovenia, I had difficult to imagine this country to be Bavaria, but I let the author imagination do the work. 

Well written book from British author, who currently lives in Tenerife and probably voted UK to remain in European Union even military coups in Bavaria could happen here.