Omnibus of Volumes One and Two by Jack Conner

Omnibus of Volumes One and Two
The Atomic Sea
Jack Conner

A thousand years ago, the sea began to change, and the change spread.
Dr. Francis Avery is aboard a military whaling ship far out on the eerie Atomic Sea when a series of murders onboard propels him down a rabbit-hole of danger and terror. For years he's tried to forget the deaths of his wife and child at the hands of the Empire of Octung, which has declared war on the world. He's fueled his anger into helping the defense against Octung and drowned his sorrows with whiskey. Now he becomes aware of an Octunggen spy on the ship. When his friend is murdered, he has no choice but to track the killer.

As if this wasn't enough, suddenly a mysterious woman is pulled from the toxic, lightning-wreathed depths of the Atomic Sea. Though weak, she's alive and unaltered by the waters -- which should be impossible. Her name is Layanna, and only she can stop Octung. As her doctor, Avery brings her back to health and in time grows to form an attachment for her . . . an attachment threatened when the spy who killed his friend is ordered to assassinate Layanna, too. Avery must save her and help her accomplish her mission or the whole world will fall under Octung's shadow -- and that of its enigmatic rulers.

That's just the beginning. With Layanna and the grizzled whaler Janx, Avery will embark on an epic, globe-spanning quest through a strange world to save it from Octung and unravel the secrets of the Atomic Sea. Get ready for high flying action and excitement featuring zeppelins, romance, Lovecraftian horrors and more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at. Just keep your eyes on the water!

Well written book that get’s you inside from beginning when murder happens. Actually it’s a second murder from a ship and ship doctor is sure, that serial killer is in loose. And then, a naked female is discovered from a whale stomach. And atomic sea isn’t a friendly sea. It seems to be radioactive with mutated animals. So without a protective suit, any human could be dead. Or mutated. Probably gas and oil has been exhausted, because civilization needs whales to run their machinery. And civilization is in war against Gods, who have contaminated the sea to create a place for them to live.
Spies, escapes, traitors, plot turn, etc run this book to the end and it’s difficult to put it away as you always wonder, what happens next.