Gerald Freeman – I don’t believe God wrote the Bible

I loved that book and it was pleasure to read. British punk takes his “girlfriend”, who suppose to be a friend only to hitchhike southern France. First destination is Cannes. Immediately after arriving by ferry, they noticed how different France and it’s people is compared to UK. And I must agree with author. Obviously, they reach southern coast of France very quickly and find even work there before film festival. So, the book must be from 80ties when such kind of customs where possible. Nowadays, EU rules and French laws don’t allow to hire employees immediately even French employers would love to do.

The book is about meeting interesting people, living in interesting communities, drinking wine, taking drugs, stealing, hitchhiking, finding temporary work and begging. When stealing and taking drugs will be taken out, it’s about my current life on same places. And I must agree that the author has got everything right, besides getting work nowadays there. EU has just destroyed free economy. But hippy communities in Pyrenees still exists. And somehow they always steal or buy from Monoprix? That’s most expensive supermarket chain in France dedicated to rich people only. It’s worthless even to beg in front of such chain. First, security asks you to leave and when you still find a place to sit, no-one there gives you any money. Rich people are stinginess. Maybe it was different in 80ties. And Annecy is so boring nowadays during winter period. Not much rich Parisians spending money there.

And traveling together with female creates always unforeseen romance.

I especially loved that part when they got Italy instead Spain. Typical French people humor to do so for travelers without clear destination.

Well written book worth to read.