Mobile Websites are not yet Viable Business

In 2007, Mobile Web was cool. Every mobile consultant in mobile related event talked about it. So, I made my choice to get some mobile sites done to see, where it goes. That’s why I programmed my Mobile Content Publishing platform. To my first surprise, formatting XML files with XSLT wasn’t much implemented in mobile browsers so I had to create HTML files instead. To my second surprise, XSLT processors where making me HTML code instead XHTML what was recommended to use in mobile browsers, so I had to correct their HTML code as well.

But anyway, since 2007 I had several mobile websites ready, including the one to my SVG animations. And I expected that when submitting the site as mobile friendly to Google, Google will list those first when using a search from mobile device. However, Google though differently and made their conversion algorithm to convert all Internet sites to mobile friendly format leaving any ads or analytics code out from them. So, obviously you can’t get much mobile visitors to your mobile site from Google and when not in some Mobile Operator portal, only visitors you could get where from independent directories like iGloo and WAP site top lists.

Bango was giving at least good analytics but when they started to ask ridiculous amount of money (something 20 pounds per month) for their service, I had to abandon them.

As I wasn’t much able to include Java or php code to my XSLT templates, I didn’t had a choice to use AdMob banners to monetarize my sites as well, so first I signed up with AdModa soon to find out that they do not have any inventory so I ended up with MobPartner affiliate programs to show there. AT least showing affiliate banners there won’t be any inventory issues. MobPartner has done a good job with their platform and constantly signing up new customers. But as their programs are usually regionally restricted, I can’t much use them because I can’t restrict visitors to my mobile friendly sites. That means that I must buy regionally targeted traffic and be sure that conversions rates are making me return. Sure, if I would love to have a mobile game portal introducing new games with an affiliate link to Gameloft, it could be a viable business option but with my mobile animations, it’s difficult to find a business model. Another way to get visitors to your mobile site is to produce free mobile apps but why then I have to have a mobile website if I could put all it to my app? Twittering a lot with signature to your mobile site could get you mobile visitors as well, but again… why I need to Twitter to get visitors to my mobile site?

Anyway, since 9th of May I will shut down my mobile sites as within four years, they haven’t made me single penny and I have no idea how much visitors they have. MobPartner statistics shows me more clicks than banner impressions, so obviously they have some problems with cached information.

But here are some good articles, I have written to my mobile blog about my life and thoughts:

Tue, 25 Dec 2008 19:29:57, Social Services in Spain can give you cold showers only

Any person living in the street should take frequent showers. At least those you can get from Social Services when being there around 9AM to take your number. However, as this morning time lapses when you could have your daily warm meal by Mother Theresa, you have a choice there to make.

I have been visiting Social Services office at Av Meridiana 197, but there should be more like Centre de Dia Poble Sec in Calle FontHonrada 8. You again will get your number and will wait over an hour for your turn.

On same address in Meridiana is possible to ask more Social Food but usually they will deny such kind of request. At least yesterday one young black guy having Spanish residency card and being denied called the Police. He just didn’t believe that society will leave him and his family to die for the hunger and refused to leave the building.

At least you can get some food being jailed and from my experiences they are sending you to the mental institution check where you can get some food again for next weeks until the same procedure begin again.

That’s why Mother Theresa has become from India now to feed Europeans as EU economy cannot afford it anymore.

With the clothes there is kind of recycling process going one as when you give your dirty ones to them you can choose some others clean ones. Seems to be working OK as who wants to own tons of clothes anyway and always buy new ones.

But I would like to keep my underwear and jeans my own, and you won’t get a proper boots and leather jackets from them.

What I can only complain is that usually the water for shower is too cold and why cannot I have my head shaven there?

Tue, 09 2008 19:07:45, Why Muslims should pray in Catholic Church

It has been already second time for my daily food delivered by Mother Theresa when I sit near by the Muslim who during the period of “Padre Mia” pray will pray for the “Allah”.

And I have met ex Saddam’s Secret Police persons there who represent same arrogance than Brits.

They just take other persons food, mix it up, split on it and then want to give it to someone. Even during the pray the joke with laud voice. Sure, they are British trained as true Muslims will eat whatever they can get in current situation as all the facts are showing. They are not Muslims and never wont be true Muslims.

Why Muslims cant get their food from their Church? Why we have destroyed their families, their capabilities to live honestly and support themselves?

In the area of my bedroom has been fantastic guy from Lebanon nearby. Actually the area starting to be crowded because new homeless persons from Russia and Poland are now finding it. It has been secure area so far and we hope to keep it that way.

We usually talk a lot about the politics, culture and civilization.

He knows a lot about AlQaida and Taliban. As Taliban is “you for me for you” AlQaida has much more intelligence. There isn’t actually AlQaida as a organization nowhere as we Europeans think. In certain situation there could be certain people who want to make certain steps and that’s AlQaida. How can you win a war against it?

Taliban is just happy to take the advantage of the situation and just kill as they have trained by Western Civilization.

Tue, 16 2008 16:02:48, Showers are for drug addicts and alcoholics only?

There are two additional addresses where to go to have a shower. One is in the city center, just 5 minutes from St. Augusto where I have gor my dinner, near the metro Jaume 1 at Sant Honorat 4. Its open from 9AM to 1PM working days and besides showers have Internet, coffee and some food. When I first got there afternoon, the clock was over 1PM but there where very nice persons working and they gave me also another address

at Riereta 24 (parallel to Rambla del Raval) where I could take the shower afternoon 4PM to 7PM. So I went there where the rooms where full of alcoholics.

Also met one punk from UK who was too desperate to get a shower.

Not much staff there, there was one door showing hygienica and another door opened to services had a line behind the door. So I stayed in line and was surprised that the person inside was always inviting somebody else inside instead of me.

So finally when I had a possibility to ask about the shower she said “no”. Why? She said we are private foundation we have right to choose our customers.

So I went back next morning to get shower from Sant Honorat. But this time they where not so nice and told that showers are for drug users only. So I could become a drug user if you insist so to get a shower finally!!!

This is ridiculous that you are denying basic hygienic rights from me and wanted that they call the police as I do not have any phone anymore. So maybe in prison I could get a shower or maybe Police will send me to doctors that they will prescribe me a shower. They didnŽt call the Police but some their own security guys just throw me out from there.

Being so humiliated I waited to next morning as as it was raining in night, didnt had much sleep so was 7.30 AM Fontfonrada 8 near by Parallelo and took the number to have the shower at 9.30 AM. Compared to Meridiana, they at least had hot water there but you really need to be early to get your morning shower.

If I would have been drug user or alcoholic, I could have my shower in much better environment.

Thu, 05 Feb 2009 19:41:25, Dr. Martens are made in China

I finally got boots to myself. Past years I have known that getting boots from military will last at least two years. At least the Estonian military ones made in Spain lasted me at least this time.

There is only few ways to buy decent boots nowadays. Either you go to Police, Workers or Military shop.

All others are selling you a crap, like Dr. Martins.

I have met a guy here in Barcelona. He makes good songs like Bruce Bringsteen once did. He is from Detroit. And we both live in the street even he can make over 40 euros per hour just to “tocar” his guitar and sing. So we had a discussion regarding the issue that Rolls Royce is made in Taiwan:

“Damn fuck… the Rolls Royce cannot made in Taiwan… I’m from Detroit, I know something about the car industry?”

“As far I know, they closed down their UK business and went to manufacture in Taiwan.”

“Are you trying to tell me that Dr. Martens are now made in China also?”

“I assume that’s the truth!!!”

“Damn fuck… guy… if that’s the truth, I will kill myself”

“Hitchhike to Northampton and you will see the truth”

Northampton is small town in the North of England where the shoes where made once. Now, the full town are unemployed because Dr. Martens went manufacture the boots in China!!!

Wed, 04 Mar 2009 17:42:12, Why Brits are always complaining

When reading a blog posts about World GSM congress there are complaints that the food in Fira was too expensive? There was free social food available at Parallel 97 which is around ten minute walk from Fira where you can get eaten three times three course meal by showing your ID only, so why they didn’t want to go there?

And complaints where that the service in Spain is very slow. I haven’t ever noticed that, being always served immediately and Police, Fire service, Ambulance, Park and street cleaning is in top level compared to other European countries. Especially with UK where there was total mismanagement when I was doing recycling in Brighton.

Sure, if you are busy talking with someone at your table, Spanish people do not bother to interrupt you. Spanish people does not have such kind of sales culture here to sell you anything at any cost and get rid from the customer as soon as possible like it was in UK. They are just tolerant persons hoping everyone are happy.

And compared to UK, when you can try to sell Big Issues which nobody wont buy, they are just happy to give you some money.

Thu, 30 Apr 2009 17:37:15, Why there are more managers nowadays than persons to manage?

Some weeks ago we again drink wine with my guitarist friend here in the central park on sunny Sunday and those persons trying to earn money from �beer, coca, and aqua� are becoming annoying. There are already more of those in the park trying to earn money desperately than usual citizens. We don’t blame them because they have their families in Pakistan whose survival depends on any penny they can send from here.

But western civilization seems to be doomed other way. We have now much more managers than persons to manage. Everyone in UK have title of some kind of “manager” even there is no-one to manage anymore. And its worse, even I have desperately tried to get any honest decent job do, those rights have been denied from me. Even doing something free as serving community service or being in prison from some idiot “probation service manager”!!!

Sat, 30 May 2009 17:00:06, Cannes Survival Guide

I arrived to Cannes two days before planned and even the festival wasn’t started yet. On the road we saw Custom officers seeking prospective drug smugglers on each checkpoint and hundreds of police vans driving toward to Cannes.

Even there were some other beggars in the street; somehow those Police Officers didn’t like me to beg. First day I tried it on the main street, then afterwards near Monoplex supermarket where I earned very quickly some Euros.

Those Police Officers where convinced that town Meer does not like me sitting down in the street. What kind of Meer wants a person to die in hunger in his City? That’s what I asked from those Police Officers in bicycles.

Anyway, there is even some social food in this town. When you go up to the hill from the main street crossings from Avenue Grasse, you will find 17th of Avenue Tassingy a day center giving you morning coffee at 9 and some food around 12.30 like half of baguette, a pack of soup and maybe some fruit or something.

And this place is closed in weekends and holidays.

Anyway, I find a better place to raise some money at the end of Croisette and also find some coins in the street so each day I had enough food and vine to drink.

The weather was nice except one rainy day. It was fun when all those persons in tuxedos and girls in their best toilettes where sleeping in the front of the station with other local pums.

I missed my business contacts because without a credit, I wasn’t able to answer the phone and getting in somewhere I should have had an accreditation. And probably most of then movies would have been crap anyway. Beach Cinema was good showing Alan Parkers “The Wall” and Leningrad Cowboys with Red Army orchestra for example. And Norwegian film music before those films was surprisingly good.

Somehow I never find the Cannes in The Van guys showing the world smallest film festival shorts from their van.

There wasn’t much interesting personalities also in the street so practically I was bored and left before the end of the festival.

Looking at those people there I do not wonder that we don’t have any decent movies anymore.

Fri, 16 Nov 2009 12:18:00, The battle of Stalingrad

Near by the plaza of Battle of Stalingrad in Paris is a metro station called “Jaures”. Each evening around 7pm the Salvation Army car comes there to give hungry people free food.

And usually there are lot of people there coming to stand in the line since 4-5pm or so. There are three lines, for women and children, white persons and Arabs. When I was there in July, white people where in left and Arabs in the middle. Suddenly coming back after few weeks the situation had changed that white people where in the middle and Arabs in left. And when the car comes, Arabs always starting to push each other even there is no food yet to be delivered as white people usually are taking to line more civilized way.

Once I saw how local security ask an older Armenian guy to go Arabs line thinking that all persons with darker skin must be Muslims?

When I was there some Arabs still where trying to take white people line and immediately started to push there. I just went mad, took a knife and promised to kill those bastards. Because that’s the language they only understand now. Push is not away to fight against Bush heritage. Those people have no culture anymore because we destroyed it in Bagdad.

This is, where the current battle of Stalingrad is going on.

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 16:13:04, British Banks are Bastards

Before I left UK in September 2008, I asked Halifax that I will leave the country and would like to continue using my bank account abroad. They said, no problem but it will cost you 1 pound per transaction. Actually, it was much more because somehow I got fewer Euros than I had pounds. Then I noticed that my card will start soon to expire and asked for a new card. The told, that they can’t give me a new card now but I could still use my old bank card. That was a lie. When in Barcelona, I suddenly wasn’t able to get my money from the account anymore. So I went to Halifax Barcelona office, where the promised that it may take two-three days to get my money out from the account and there was even a hope that I could get a new card from that office. But Halifax UK answered “A person asking for a funds should present a valid bank card; new card can be issued only to the person living in designated address”. So, they practically rob my money leaving me penniless.

So I registered to Virgin Pre Paid money card which should be a service created for travelers like me. But this card had limits to spend and get cash from the ATM’s. First it didn’t bother me, but now when more work is coming in; I wanted to upgrade the limits away. One of the possibilities was to send them my passport copy and employers letter which we did. However, they didn’t considered a decent company letter to be enough claiming that this does not indicate my current home address.

Who have made such kind of ridiculous law that homeless people can use only 600 pounds per year? How about all those alternative lifestyles to live in caravan or boat; or simply be a successful travelling businessman living in five star hotels?

Sat, 27 Feb 2010 12:10:37, Why Japanese cars are killing Americans

CNN is good to watch nowadays. There you can find out that US Congress has invited Akio Toyota to testify why his cars are killing Americans nowadays.

Let’s go back to history of this. First Americans destroyed two Japanese cities killing millions and then feel sad about it. So they told Japanese people, please take now our Detroit as compensation.

And Japanese people tried hard to please Americans. So they read Stephen King “Christine” and decided “This is the car americans want”, so they build it for them.

But those kind of Intelligent cars could build their own personality like “Christine” did and some day could go after their masters. Especially when they start to understand history.

That’s what happened to Toyota.

Sat, 06 Mar 2010 18:06:31, Earthquakes are not caused by Global Warming

For a while ago CNN announced that current earthquakes in Haiti and Chile where caused by Global Warming. I was surprised how quickly CNN got rid of this idiot and hired a weatherman instead of weathergirl. Why BBC cannot get rid of their idiots? Look, people in France didn’t go to watch your masterpiece called “Fish Tank” so you nominated it to Oscars!!! And it didn’t win any Oscars either, because it was a piece of shit. So, let’s execute now some professional projects what I once offered to BBC.

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