Facebook Zuckerberg is worse than Beria in Stalin regime.

I was born during Soviet Communistic regime. We had KGB and it was rumored, that KGB follows everyone and will prosecute, when you didn’t think as communistic regime wanted. However, that was not true. We where allowed to think and talk inside friends and family as we wanted and criticize the regime in language, which we wanted without any prospect to be punished. 

I have had some encounters with KGB and I can tell, those where intelligent persons there who respected personsopinions which where not “official policy”. And if you didn’t commit any crime, you where allowed to think and talk as you wanted. That was in Leonid Brezhnev era. 

However, things where different during Jossif Stalin era. Those days KGB encouraged people to report neighbors. And lot of them did. As a result, people where sent to Gulags and those reporting them where awarded by confiscated assets. 

That’s exactly what’s going on in Facebook. I opened my account there by my daughter request to be connected with her and family. And things went well at start. Lot of my old childhood friends find me there and obviously we got connected again. Life had had different paths but we always respected each other opinions and posts. 

When I got some of my ideas to market, I had heard that Facebook could be a “marketing channel” for those. So, I spent some hard earned money to setup pages for my products and waited things that will never happen. They always asked me to spend more money to their ads while reporting me false results! 

How can anyone “Like” my book FB page even not reading it as spending money on ads created me only new likes and not any purchases. 

Therefore I didn’t much continued to spend more money to promote my pages and Facebook was for me just the platform to be connected with my family and friends, what it was originally promised to be and my personal posts where only available to them. 

My policy to accept new FB friends was very conservative and anyone even persons whom I know from past, who tried to distribute lies, political statements or spam got immediately unfriended and blocked from me. However, suddenly I started to get messages that someone I didn’t know at all has been accepted as my FB friend? This is how Facebook get’s it’s spies to peoples personal pages! 

Suddenly my real friends started to post that they have been “jailed” (e.g banned to post to Facebook) for 30 days for any kind of reasons. Sometimes Facebook didn’t like a link to some article in media, sometimes just personal opinions, etc. That was odd and I was recommending, that my friends should look their friend list to find out who are those persons there constantly reporting their posts and block those. 

But after I wrote an official letter to Facebook management regarding issues from being Facebook software development partner to Facebook censorship, they started to monitor even my personal conversations using Facebook messenger. And they didn’t made this secretly, they sometimes just interrupted our conversations. 

One day they informed me that my shared post from five years ago didn’t apply their standards and they have removed it. I was surprised because it just contained Estonian word “murjam”. This word was from my childhood books, where we learned how children in Africa are living and their games. This world didn’t had any negative meaning and definitely isn’t “racistic”. 

But things where much worse with Facebook censorship that I could ever imagine. Facebook was banning Estonian National Epos “Kalevipoeg”! Even any communistic and German regime didn’t went against our culture this way. At least I saved the screenshot from this and happy to prove my claim. 

So, I just informed my friends that Facebook has now banned to use this word and also Estonian word “tibla” as my friend, well known poet and author was once banned using this word. I also included links to the “Estonian Language Dictionary” for those words. But seems, that mr. Zuckerberg knows Estonian language better than Institute of Estonian Language and Culture, because I was banned “indefinitely” to post anything to Facebook platform. 

Being once active in NASDAQ investors groups, I joined to Facebook small investors community and find out very odd things going on with this company. Every time, shareholders are trying to limit mr. Zuckerberg powers, they find out that mr. Zuckerberg has given to his friends and himself such kind of stocks that has 100x more voting powers than other company stockholders has. No other US public company has a structure, where same guy leads the board and is company CEO. The board usually gives general guidelines, monitors management and executive management executes those. In Facebook case, same guy is giving himself instructions and monitors himself? 

Seems, that mr. Zuckerberg has developed biggest spy platform in history to monitor people and to censor their activities and opinions. That what even KGB didn’t do. 

Obviously politicians who should protect the democracy must be interfere and they did. But this guy body language and talks even showed how he was lying to politicians. But somebody should stop this next Hitler or Stalin to have that kind of power at any means necessary!

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