Free Article Submission, does it work?

Free Article Submission has been advertised as SEO method to increase your website visitors and Search Engine rankings. I tested it past two weeks, how it works and what kind effect I can get to my blog visibility.

I found the huge list of free article submission and directories sites, so started from there. To my surprise, half of those sites where just some affiliate “Get Quickly Rich” sales sites and another half was already out of business. After spending over twenty hours, I found only thirty from that list suitable to publish my article. I spent another five-six hours to write an article, which I published with the link my original article idea in my blog. Usually you are able to publish 3-5 links with your article using Article Publishing sites. Some of those sites had nice feature to ad my picture which I hoped to increase the interest to read my article.

After two weeks, Google have indexed the article headline from Feedster, Article Feeder, PlugIM, Rosenthal Media Internet Marketing Ultimate Article Directory, Web Marketing Magazine and Feed 2 Podcast though Articler.Com.  MSN have indexed article headings from Webmarketmagazine’s Free Articles Directory and eBusiness Articles. Yahoo was much faster to index and results where appearing within few days. Yahoo have so far indexed Feedster, Expert Articles, Article FeederWeb Marketing Magazine, Free Article Submission and Big Article. All of those search engines had so far indexed only my article headline in catalogs but not yet my article or it’s URL. seems to be publishing my article without any link to my site and contacting with me.

I didn’t got any visitors to my blog from the link published with my article within mentioned two weeks period. 

Conclusion: I had spent over 50 hours to the process without any result. Publishing a comment to some story related newsgroups or open threads will usually produce me ten to twenty interested visitors and shows in search engines results within a week or two also improving my Search Engine Ranking. Depending to the interest to the topic, I’m usually starting to get even hundreds of search engine visitor’s afterwards who are using related keywords. Meanwhile, I joined to the MyBlogLog and have published short descriptions from my blog content to TechnoRati WTF, both sending me ten to twenty visitors per day and at least something in TechnoRati seems to be indexed very quickly by search engines (within days).