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When I got held myself the list of over 3000 free internet directories, I was anxious to test them out as link building is most important step of proper SEO work. As the names of lot of them where not very credible, I made my visual selection and decided to submit only to some few hundred sites rather than systematically go to every site. It can be also very time consuming process as I was able to submit 20-30 sites per hour. Several of listed sites where not free and still wanted me to pay them, some of the sites refused to accept my URL even there was nothing wrong with it and Captcha  verification didn’t work on some sites.

I also avoided those directories where I didn’t find suitable category for my link.

Around two third of the sites listed on this over 3000 directory list worked properly. As I didn’t had time to write all the sites down, following sites sent me confirmation emails:,,, Free Link Directory, A Free Directory,, Directoryswirl, Kahuki Network, DBUJ Free Directory, Web Directory, M-S-N.ORG Web Directory, Fast Reviews Directory, Link Directory, Mylinkdirectories, Add Good Sites, Optimize Directory, Free Add URL Directory Index, Free Website Directory (UK), DigDirectory.Net, Links Directory (nice design), Pro Link Directory,, Free Online Directory, Thales Directory, The Free Directory UK British orientated web site links, Worlddir24, Dir Lister, Myriadwebs, Gotartans,,, TheGeneralDirectory, Welcome Links, Directory Now, Powerfull Directory and Directory Syndicate.
With Kahuki Network, DBUJ Free Directory, Web Directory it suppose to take up to 30 days if you are not willing to pay them but even the 30 day period has been long gone, my link still isn’t live. I should I believe that they will put my link live within 24h if I pay them?
With DigDirectory.Net it’s same, even they promised 24 h service and I submitted them 29th of May, 2008.
Fast Reviews Directory does not match to their brand as it’s really not fast as my link was submitted to them 3rd of June and still does not appear after a month.
Optimise Directory sent me a verification email which showed pop up ads and sure, my link does not appear anywhere.

Waste of time was also The Free Directory UK British orientated web site links, Free Add URL Directory Index, Free Online DirectoryDig Directory, Pro Link Directory and Dream Dir.

I was surprised that, and started to send me visitors and in June I have got 10 visitors from gotartans, 7 from welcomelinks and two from dirlister. Also,, and has sent me one-two visitors in June.

From Link Directory owners Tom Dahne & Paul Martin, I got nice personal service email.

Google has been indexed Dir Submit Site, Splur, DirLister, GoTartans, M_S_N.ORG Web Directory, NetInsert, ThalesDirectory, WorldDir and Link Directory.

Directory sites like Directory Nerve and WorldDir with RSS feed were indexed very quickly using their feeds.

Link directories are extremely profitable business for webmasters as those will be sold around $2500-$5000 price range within a year. Establishing such kind of site is easy, dot info name does not cost much and getting it to the market using Webmasters talk Sitepoint forums is relatively quick and non cost process. There is several open source code available and you can host such kind of site using free hosting services. As far there are people willing to pay to get linked and AdSense seems to be doing little bit money as well, its viable business model.

I tested the effect of linking with my Online Dating Community site, where I never considered SEO to be viable marketing model but without any money I do not had possibility to implement other marketing strategies as well. As this site is revenue source is Google Adsense, why anyone coming from Google natural search should click on Google ads in my site?

However, when I was listed in Google on 55th position with keyword “dating community” before, after my linking efforts this position was gone and now I’m listed in position 190 with keyword “community dating”. Both of those positions haven’t got me any visitors, so I’m happier getting those from mentioned directories, dating related affiliate sites and online classifieds until I will get MMS picture upload sorted out, will travel and ask people personally to join.

For those who are accepting project proposals to have 5000, 10 000 links built within a weeks, I would consider those bids to be meaningless or SPAM. But getting 20-30 high quality links in some directories is worth of effort. It should take only few hours if you know, which of those directories you should submit.

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