Open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook

Dear Tim Cook

I’m not sure where you have learned business, but your company values doesn’t represent those which software industry was once built. Have you ever heard about “Win to Win” business?
Your business offer to pay around 5 cents per song purchased in your store isn’t a big money, but when I could provide people new music for their taste, it could mean more more sales for you and little bit cash for me. Let me remind you, that your business profits from my app will be several times bigger than mine.

As your recommendation service (and several others) has failed to provide me music for my taste; and that’s the main reason I haven’t yet made any purchases from your store, sure there is market for that kind of service using better algorithms, which was my one objective to develop such kind of app named getMyMusic. Another, main objective was to help Independent Artists to be discovered. Somehow they still believe and rely on your music distribution service.

I had to integrate this app with Facebook as they provide me most reliable information regarding personal music taste and easy way to integrate app marketing within the app.

That’s what I explained to your reviewers when it was rejected first time with a question, why people must use Facebook login to use your app.

But to satisfy your reviewers, I added another button to my app: “I hate Facebook” that will provide a top-list instead of personal music recommendations.

Again the app was rejected with a reason that: “I haven’t provided a demo account”?

As Facebook doesn’t provide anymore possibilities for developers to create test users and opening fake accounts could be even criminal offense, I recommended that if they do not have any Facebook accounts their own, they could register it with ease, select some artists they could like and see what kind of recommendations my app could come up for them. And later, they could delete their account.

The app was again rejected with a reason: “Thank you to submitting it again”?

Does your reviewers have difficulties to write their names? That’s those extra fields, they should fill to open a Facebook account.

Why you have then recruited such kind of persons to those responsible posts, if they can’t even write their names?

I built my own computer around same time that your Wozniak did. Besides Z80 processor and 64Kb of RAM, mine had 256Kb of graphics memory. Then I was thinking, what people could do with such kind of thing and figured out, that maybe they wan’t to store documents and built a graphical UI with book selfs, folders and everything was animated. So when you drag a folder from self to desktop, it opens with animation and pages where turning as well.
It took your company something twenty years to develop same kind of UI I had just written in my childhood.

Later, during Estonian independence and reconstruction, we just delivered client-server information systems to banks and telecoms, because this was more useful activity for my society and was paid me well.

We wasn’t able to deliver buglists, like your businesses there in Silicon Valley are nowadays doing. Let’s maximize the profits, like your managers there are preaching: “When we have sold the bugs, we could scam more money from customer to fix those”, instead creating something that society values and are willing to pay for.

Why I have to pay for your developers account $99 per year, if you can’t hire a professionals for that money who have some understanding of business values as well?

And why I can’t get it refunded if you are not giving me any chance to earn those cents using my app?

And most ridiculously, I can’t even write anymore my own apps to my own devices to use them myself without paying for your arrogant service?

Anyway, I have come to conclusion that your business is a scam and should be stopped by any means. As it violates the basic business principles, IT industry was once built. That’s why I deliver few tons of rotten apples to your stores. Depending my plans, this could happen in your Paris store (rue Rivoli) this autumn or Barcelona store (Passeig de Gracia) to show public, that you are a rotten corporation scamming only money without a capability to provide professional service.

Besides, that music app was just a simple thing I wanted to test market. When I finally got myself a computer again over a three years ago, my first project was dressMe. The objective of this app was, that when you take a naked picture of yourself, app shows you clothes on and algorithm calculates how those clothing objects fit together. For this app, I developed my unique algorithms for object recognition and those seems to be working well. I haven’t yet tried to publish it because I have no good idea for suitable business model yet. But those algorithms can be used to build autonomous drones as well to deliver rotten apples or even bombs to those real terrorists, who are destroying those professional and business values which I have been protecting during my lifetime. And I’m considering you, mr. Tim Cook personally responsible as a leader of such kind of scam company. So, maybe I deliver a bomb instead of rotten apple for you?

Obviously you never accept my dressing app to your store with a reason, that: “asking a person to make naked picture is pornography” even I could provide a mannequin picture as default with it.


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