Launching Rebuild Estonia Political Party

It has been ridiculous that same idiots has been in power over a decade in Estonia. That’s called dictatorship and not a democracy. Now it has been clear, that the party was once founded russian laundry money with a promise to give Estonian Citizenship to some Russian mafiosos. And the current leader, also nominated himself to be Estonian prime minister uses every method to throw out anyone in his Party who could be a competition to him, like Stalin. And this party has been involved more scandals than Spanish PP party but somehow Estonians, as their favourite TV shows are Mexico Soaps, are looking politics to be as soap opera. Maybe my new political party could change their attitude.

Once, when we made Estonian constitution, we wrote to it that saving Estonian people and culture is the main obligation of Estonian government. Now, when nearly half of the population has left the country and culture financing has reduced from original 7% to less than 1% in state budget, we should sue this party and especially prime minister for genocide.

Anyway, in Estonia you need at least one thousand members to register a political organisation and ten thousand members to register a new party even non of the leading parties doesn’t have such kind of membership. They made the law afterwards when being in power to restrict newcomers.  My goal is to have at least 10,000 FB likes to my party program so I could be confident of peoples support.

The party starts with program so I wrote down five points I could change and expect others to give me five to seven points as well. For the moment, I already got two extra points to add to my political program.

1. The CV’s should end and those CV bastards with their theories should be evaluated for mental illness. How can anyone be “overqualified”? Soon they start to call you “lizard person” as some Estonian newspapers are really trying to claim that some persons who are leading our humanity are actually lizards? So far asking CV’s haven’t been  success to anyone trying to get a job. They just collect your email addresses to sell them to spammers. That’s why they are asking irrelevant questions there like hobbies, family, etc. To get a job, you will be first hired for trial period and when you haven’t done anything idiotic, the boss is satisfied and you are satisfied with your salary, you will be hired. Anyone asking CVs and not hiring anyone should pay a fine.

2. Employees must be personally responsible for the damages their actions could cause. This could restrict incompetent idiots to get to their posts. And if you do not have personal liability insurance, you could pay rest of your life. So, stop applying to the posts where you do not have any competence at all.

3. Estonia joined EU with a promises to get our infrastructure rebuilt. Now, after a ten years we still do not have the bridge from mainland to island Muhu, the road between two main cities Tallinn and Tartu isn’t yet fully four lines which means that accidents are very common and the Via Baltica (motorway connecting St. Peterbourgh to the Europe) project was once delayed because Polish people wasn’t ready. But now, Poland have Katowice-Krakow-Gdansk motorway nearly ready so what’s delays the project now? Having seen how much they are constantly building in Europe having big signs everywhere how much millions has been spent EU money, I would like to know what has stopped Estonia to develop our infrastructure. If EU doesn’t support our infrastructure projects, we should ask Arabs. :et’s change our policy regarding Jewish settlements in Palestine territory and Arabs will be happy to finance us. The current foreign policy sucks or actually it’ doesn’t exist at all. Keeping US and Jews happy haven’t benefitted Estonia at all.

The train service in Estonia has totally stagnated during EU period. And I’m not talking about TGVs. I’m talking about normal trains that are running 125-165 kmph and not 20-40 kmph like they do in Estonia. Recently Estonian Rail Service purchased one modern train and it was so overcrowded that automatic security mechanism stopped the train. Afterwards journalists find out that Estonian Rail Service board doesn’t have any members with railroad background. There are cooks and small harbour captains in the board. So maybe we should start to change the boards at first to get some specialists there. So far those posts has been distributed by political parties for their family members.

4. More than half of Estonians live in poverty and one quarter of Estonian children suffering hunger.  The child support from government is only 19 EURos per month and income support something 70 EURos per month well below minimum food basket price calculated by statistics bureau. And the food prices are higher than elsewhere in Europe. I have seen that EU Social and Agriculture ministries are financing huge amount of free food distributed to those who cannot afford to buy it with supermarket prices. However, those kind of products are not available in Estonia. If EU doesn’t want to feed Estonian people, we should fuck the EU rules as well. Food having “best before” date passed should not be thrown away. Those should be distributed to people free by Supermarkets. And throwing food away should be criminal offence.

5. After independence Estonians built quickly their banks and Telecoms which where most innovative in the world. However, somehow those where sold to Swedes during EU integration process. If you ask any entrepreneur nowadays in Estonia, they will tell you that bank will be the last place to discuss business plan. Those banks make profit nowadays mostly from service fees; they are paying around 2% profit tax to Estonia and taking rest of the profit elsewhere. Imagine, a bank card that cost cents to produce will be sold for tens of euros and then they have courage to ask monthly card service fees as well!!! If those Swedish banks won’t support Estonian economy we should cancel their banking licensees. Estonians know how to build banks from a scratch, so we should do it again. Same goes to Telecoms. While mobile operators in the world have had to implement new business models, like apps, portals, etc… Estonian Telecoms still robbing people charging calling minutes or data.

6. It;’s has become ridiculous that Estonian products should be sold first to Polish or German distributors to get them back to the local supermarket selves. This should be changed and supermarkets must have obligation to take local products.

7. Besides two main cities (Tallinn and Tartu) the population has decreased up to 45% on other regions. That’s ridiculous because working home or anywhere was my goal when the technology was ready to it. People should be encouraged to get back to small villages and cities; and working home. First we should start to change the tax law that when using your home as an office, you are able to deduct 50% of your home costs from income tax like elsewhere. Secondly, government should cash award those willing to move from main cities to rural areas.

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